Flexibility and versatility for just-in-time services

Centro Stampa Digitalprint offers offset printing and web-to-print services for small to medium print runs
A diverse product range and most customers requires a custom workflow
Lower costs, less time spent on repetitive tasks, fewer errors and happier customers.
“Our new Switch-based workflow manages the entire production cycle, enabling us to reduce errors and standardize procedures. The result is a reduction in the cost and time needed to produce work, fewer errors, and happier customers.”
Quote author: 
Caio Guardigli, prepress director


Print-on-demand is a sector in which automation is key to efficiency and customer retention. Italian based Centro Stampa Digitalprint has been able to reduce time and cut costs for their print runs with Enfocus Switch and PitStop Server by automating repetitive tasks like sorting, routing and tracking files whilst guaranteeing the quality of every document that passes through the system including image quality and lay-out.


The Enfocus automation software allows Centro Stampa Digitalprint to create custom workflows for the different products they offer. This makes the process easier and more reliable, allowing them to build better relations with their customers without overextending resources better spent on innovation and generating new business.

Switch can also integrate with a variety of third-party products making the implementation seamless whilst allowing a great deal of customization.

An added benefit of automation is transparency. Every file is tracked throughout the process allowing customers to follow their shipment from prepress through printing to shipping.