Advanced Job Ticketing

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Freddy Pieters

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Join Freddy Pieters from Enfocus as he takes you through using HTML Job Tickets from Enfocus Connect along with Enfocus Switch. As a technical session, Freddy will touch on a variety of uses for internal and external hosted job tickets and how they can work within a workflow automation solution such as Switch.

This is a must see session for Switch users who rely on metadata to drive automation!

What you'll learn

  • Internal and external uses for Job Ticketing with workflow automation.
  • Advantages of using Switch hosted Job Tickets.
  • Advantages of embedded HTML Job Tickets.
  • Advantages of externally hosted HTML Job Tickets.
  • How to leverage a live database query in Job Tickets.
  • Plus much more!


About Freddy Pieters

Freddy joined the Enfocus team after more than 20 years of being an expert in various positions in training, consulting, product management, sales and business development at Esko. He is responsible for demo and training on all Enfocus products.