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Raymond Duval
Florian Kaesbauer
Toon Van Rossum

Date and time
16 April 2020
4 pm CET / 10 am ET

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Ultimate Technographics




Be the King of the Jungle in On Demand Book Printing

We can all agree that the bookmaking industry attests to ongoing change. It has explored the necessity for short-run and book-of-one flexibility in a just-in-time distribution model. What could be done manually a few years ago is no longer a viable option. In order to respond to the demand and keep your business afloat, you must reduce the preparation time of the incoming jobs. It needs to be printed, finished and out of the door as quickly as possible.

During this webinar, Ultimate and Impressed experts will demonstrate how the right imposition automation software can increase your productivity and profitability with record-breaking turnaround times, maximum reduction of waste of resources and seamless connectivity with upstream and downstream systems. Learn how today’s leading print service providers are combining Ultimate Impostrip® with Enfocus Switch for compelling results to become the competitor to beat in their market.

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About the speakers

Raymond Duval (Ultimate Technographics)

With over 18 years in the printing industry, Ray Duval has been proactively providing technical consultation and solutions recommendation, helping customers further develop their workflow expertise for digital printing, including more precisely, on demand packaging and labels, short run book printing, transactional, photobooks and photo specialty products, fully automated digital print workflows, web2print and finishing automation.  Ray Duval has helped organizations worldwide to structure, improve, automate and optimize their production workflow and processes.


Florian Kaesbauer (Impressed)


Grown up in his parents' print shop and early in contact with workflow automation and programming, Florian Käsbauer has been working as a workflow architect for the company Impressed from Hamburg for 5 years now. His focus is the automation of work processes in the printing environment, their conception, integration, and development.


Toon Van Rossum (Enfocus)

Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum has been working at Enfocus for 9 years, in several roles (customer service, QA and software development) after obtaining his bachelor degree in Graphic Arts.

Using his deep knowledge and passion for Switch and technology in general, Toon is in charge of strengthening the Switch product and architecture, ensuring it keeps up with the ever-changing market requirements.