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Slava Apel

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Is your web to print platform performing for you? Are you looking to add ordering technology to your print shop? Mr. Apel, founder of Amazing Print Tech has been helping printers gain access to new markets utilizing web to print for over 20 years.

In this session he’ll help you uncover opportunities within online ordering that are profitable, unique and can be added to your offerings. Slava Apel will go over typical and non-typical online ordering workflows, underserviced verticals by printers, and products that customers are looking for online.

From his expertise working with thousands of printers, Mr. Apel review highly performing marketing strategies that will help you attract both B2B and B2C customers that can turn into long term buyers.

This session is perfect for those looking to add more sales, automate current customer buying processes, and looking to enhance the web experience for customers.


About Slava Apel

Mr. Slava Apel, a pioneer in a web-to-print technology field has been an outstanding member of the printing community now for over 20 years. As the CEO of Amazing Print Tech (, Mr. Apel founded the company in 1997 and since then helped thousands of printers with order automation, sales and marketing. A frequent speaker at most major printing events, marketing conferences and a contributor to 5 graphics magazines, Mr. Apel has won multiple personal and company awards relating to accomplishments in graphics communications and print.