Leveraging the Switch Advantage in HP Digital Print Environments

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William Buckingham

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Learn how to take advantage of the custom HP SmartStream, Indigo and Production Center tools built into Switch. See how these powerful flow elements can streamline repetitive, low margin jobs by reducing touch points.

Automate variable data job creation, imposition and job ganging as well as the creation of fully populated and press-ready job tickets delivered directly to the Digital Front End or Production Center.

HP Indigo users can also benefit from the EPM Preflight Solution that takes the guesswork out of incorporating an EPM workflow into your production environment and certifying whether specific files are suitable for EPM or not without printing them first.


About William Buckingham

William Buckingham is the President of XChangeUS in North America — leading supplier of PDF workflow and automation tools, publishing applications and other productivity utilities. William has worked for more than 30 years helping thousands of companies worldwide achieve greater control and profitability with the implementation of workflow, automation and productivity technologies.