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James George
Thorsten Braun

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Review the current and upcoming features in ColorLogic’s line of color management software announced at drupa 2016. We’ll also address the top questions we received at drupa revolving around our color management server, automating color management and creating the best quality profiles. 


About James George

James has 18 years experience as a Designer and Production Artist, including management, installation and testing of workflow software. Design/produced marketing collateral for Fortune 1000 companies, professional sports teams including, image editing, page layout and color correction.


About Thorsten Braun

Thorsten is ColorLogic’s CTO and is responsible for developing and delivering the software at the heart of ColorLogic’s color management technology. Thorsten was an early developer of ICC based color management and has focused on creating breakthrough color management technology for almost 20 years. Prior to joining ColorLogic, he developed most notably ProfileMaker and other color management technology solutions for LOGO and GretagMacbeth.