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In this session, I will include a couple of industry experts as well as myself to discuss how the needs of the people using the Enfocus tools have changed. How has the environment of "From Home" and E-Commerce affected the way we do business? How has the "Great Resignation" affected our need for automation, and repeatability. What might be some small to midsize things that you could do that you did not think about? We will cover all this, and even open it up for discussion. 

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About Cory Sawatzki

I served in the US Airforce during Desert storm, and studied Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley.  In 2002 joined the Consolidated Graphics family of companies at The Jarvis Press in Dallas, TX., managing prepress, digital, and web to print. I was promoted from the local site to the corporation in Houston, and spent 6 years as their Director of Print Technology. I was the sole buyer of pre-media equipment and technical print consumables for Consolidated. I travelled the world setting up and helping refine operations in all 70 of their plants and beyond. 

I left that position to start my own company, Spotlight Pro Print Consulting. After much success in this endeavor, I chose to expand by taking on a role as Director of Digital Print Technology for CGS, and now on to VP of Purchasing for AlphaGraphics for the last 4 years.

I have spent my 20 year career in the printing industry developing, training, running workflows, installing and maintaining color management and calibration, automation, assessing equipment, creating efficiency, setting up quality control, and developing technology in the area of print.