What's new in Switch 13 update 1

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Toon Van Rossum

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Join Switch Product Manager Toon Van Rossum as he takes you through all the new features in Switch 13 update 1.

In this session, you’ll get an overview of the new Enfocus Appstore where you can find additional solutions developed by our Switch Partners to help you expand your automation. You'll see how the new Web Based Messages work and how they can help improve your job tracking and a whole lot more! 


It’s your chance to learn directly from the Product Manager and ask your questions about what’s new in Switch 13 update 1!


About Toon Van Rossum

Toon has been working for Enfocus for almost 5 years in several roles (customer service, QA and software development) after obtaining his bachelor degree in Graphic Arts. Using his deep knowledge and passion for Switch and technology in general, Toon is in charge of strengthening the Switch product and architecture in order to continue the growth path we have experienced in the past.