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What is the X-treme Switchover?

The X-treme Switchover is a unique educational journey looking at the implementation of true automation in the print industry.

Throughout 2018, we are taking you through the whole process from needs analysis to deployment and ROI. But the best bit is, we are doing this with a real customer! This case study explains and documents each and every pain point and solution along the way, giving you a real-life example of what’s involved.

Together with our system integration team at XChange US, our large format print customer, Sign-Age of Tampa Bay, Florida is ready to share all the details of their transformation.

Join the journey and sign up for the X-treme webinars, videos and guides and see the transformation for yourself.





Episode 1: needs analysis


Whether you have already automated some parts of your workflow or want to know more about how automation can improve your day-to-day business operations, the X-treme Switchover is a must-see initiative for everyone in the print industry.

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Cover: the Enfocus guide to a workflow automation implementation plan

Guide 2: Implementation Plan


Cover: the Enfocus guide to a workflow automation implementation plan

Guide 3: Tips for choosing the right integrator



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Why the X-treme Switchover project?

“Together with our integration partner, XChange US, we are providing an educational overview of a typical workflow transformation.

Everyone wants a solution that will save them time and money and most vendors claim to have that solution. For us, we want to go one step further and show, step-by-step how Switch not only saves time and money but improves a print service provider’s business.

If you are not already, then make sure you subscribe and join us on the X-Treme Switchover with Sign-Age – it is going to be a great year for automation.”

Wim Fransen, Managing Director, Enfocus


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About Sign-age

Sign-Age of Tampa Bay has been in business for over 25 years and has become a leading provider for custom fabricated promotional, informational, vehicle and architectural signage.

With over thirty employees, Sign-Age produces hundreds of jobs every month from a variety of both large and small customers.




About XChange US

"Companies can be aware of their bottlenecks and this is what we seek to remedy. The goal is for Sign-Age to do more business with what they have and do it smarter. And that is exactly what we at XChange US help them to achieve."

William Buckingham, owner, XChange US




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