Automation for Large Format Printers should be:


No need to rely on vendor-specific workflows. An open and agnostic solution connects everything.

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Providing total visibility across your entire production puts you back in control.

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As you grow, your automation solution needs to be able to adapt quickly and easily.

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This is True Automation. The best way to future-proof your business.

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Seamless integrations with all major software and hardware vendors








Video case study: The Bernard Group


"We have brought in a lot of automation solutions. In the end, Switch has replaced just about everything else that we're using. It allows us to automatically get files in, prepress them, impose them, and get them to our presses."

Diego Diaz, Solutions Architect, The Bernard Group





Large format automation flow example: automatically get PDF files in, preflight check them with PitStop, imposition with tilia Phoenix and drive the correct printer based on metadata.

Example in Enfocus Switch: automatically get files, preflight them, impose them with tilia Phoenix and send to the correct printer. Click to enlarge.

Automation needs to be agnostic

With an array of hardware and software powering your business, it's vital that your automation solution connects everything together.

Limiting your business to vendor-specific, end-to-end workflows is highly restictive and can be detrimental to the future growth of your business.

Switch is agnostic: it enables seamless integrations with software and hardware from many different vendors.

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Job finder boards in switch allow you to quickly check the overview of your entire production and search the status of specific jobs.

Job finder boards in switch allow you to quickly check the overview of your entire production and search the status of specific jobs. Click to enlarge.

Automation needs to be transparent

So much time (and money) can be wasted when you cannot locate a job or report on the status of a job for a customer.

It is essential that you have complete visibility of your entire production workflow. Transparency, quite simply, improves efficiency. 

Switch is transparent: it puts you in control of your workflow.

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Switch's modular approach enables you to scale your business up (or down) when required. 

Automation needs to be agile

As the print market evolves, diversification is key for success. So, as your business grows, it's crucial your automation solution can adapt to your changing business needs.

Switch is agile: it can be adapted to your business needs. 

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"After investing in state-of-the-art machinery, we quickly had to deal with the challenge of making those machines profitable. We had to be able to handle that amount of jobs. We looked for solutions and that's how we found the people from Enfocus and it all got started."

Femke Helon, Management, 3Motion


5 reasons why you need PitStop

  • Grommet holes
    Add grommet marks to your files. The number of marks and distance are calculated automatically. 
  • Find and fix errors in PDF files
    Don't let small mistakes become big problems. PitStop check PDF files for errors and fixes them automatically.
  • Add bleed
    Don't lose time fixing one of the most common errors in print production. PitStop automatically adds bleed to PDF files.
  • Add cutting marks
    Automatically correct all page boxes and printer marks.
  • Edit PDF files
    Edit pretty much anything in a PDF file, all within the Adobe Acrobat interface. No external applications needed.

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5 reasons why you need Switch

  • Convert native files to PDF
    We've got all major native formats covered: InDesign, Word, Illustrator, Quark, etc.
  • Split PDFs in slices
    Automatically split up a billboard design into slices.
  • WeTransfer file collection
    Automatically download large files through WeTransfer.
  • Separate dielines
    Automatically detect dielines and put them in another file. That way you have a file with designs for your printer and a file with dielines for your cutter.
  • Always in control
    Check your entire production with Job Finder Boards, or look up the status of a specific job.


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