Switch 08 release notes

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Switch 08, update 1

Tools and configurators


- A problem with uploading files to certain FTP serves was solved.
- The Rename and Inject Job tools now allow empty properties where useful.

New functionality:

- The PitStop Server configurator also offers the option to create annotated reports.


- The Ultimate Impostrip configurator shows the correct icon.
- None of the callas configurators should return a “Waiting for starting application” message anymore, even when using a lot of folders in your flow.
- All CS2 and CS3 configurators list the PDF settings that are available in the general and the users PDF settings folder
- The configurator for Callas pdfAutoOptimizer works correctly on Leopard
- In connections that allow choosing between ‘Data’ or ‘Log’, it is now allowed to output Logs only, without needing to add a Data connection.

Switch 08, update 2

Major new features:

- Adobe Acrobat 9 and Distiller 9 compatible.
- Extended configurator documentation.

Major fixes:

- Solved issue: Property 'Process only these folders' uses folder range correctly in all cases.
- SwitchScripter can handle ODBC Driver now.
- Adjusted MadeToPrint output properties.
- Optimized Alwan configurator.
- Solved several Scripting issues.
- Fixed bug where callas configurators kept waiting for starting.
- Scripted configurator doesn't require outgoing connection any longer.

Switch 08, update 3

Major fixes

- In Switch 08, update 2 for Windows it was impossible to process folders
using a network path like ' \CompShare...'.
- Minor Soap Error
- Axaio MadeToPrint configurator loses job ticket information when using a
queue that creates packages

Switch 08, update 4

Major new features

- Added callas Acrobat 9 compatible pdfAutoOptimizer support.
- Added EFI XF support.
- Added QuarkXPress 8 support.
- Extended SOAP Class 

Major fixes

- Fixed bug where location paths were invisible in Build location path.
- Solved issue were hidden folders were processed anyway.
- Fixed PitStop Server 4.04 support.
- Fixed SwitchClient crashes.
- Solved bug were ungrouped job caused error in assemble job.
- Optimized PitStop Server 08 communication.
- Solved MadeToPrint job data loss.
- Fixed bug that Execute Command stripped unique name prefix.


Switch 08, update 5

Major fixes

- Solved issue where Switch couldn't handle OSX 10.5 specific Time Machine index file.
- Improved QuarkXPress 8.0 bleed settings honoring.
- Improved callas Toolbox 4 implementation.
- Solved a number of SwitchService crashing bugs.
- Improved Receive FTP and Send FTP communication.
- Support of MAXPath on OSX 10.4 and 10.5.
- Solved issue where wrong report type was generated by PitStop Server.
- HTTPS support.
- ODBC improvements.
- Support for the following Adobe CS4 applications: Illustrator, PhotoShop and Acrobat. Note InDesign is not supported at this time.


Switch 08, update 6

New configurators:

  • ColorLogic ZePrA (for more information on ColorLogic ZePrA, click here)

Updated configurators:

  • Alwan CMYKoptimizer
  • callas pdfaPilot
  • callas pdfToolbox 4.2
  • EFI XF
  • Elpical Claro

Fixed issues:

  • Complete ODBC Support
  • Fixed bug where SwitchService couldn't start after update installation
  • Made MacOSX native calls thread-safe (caused Switch_service crashes on OSX)
  • Fixed crashing bug when reading Switch variables via Applescript
  • Ensured the page format is retained when exporting to PS using the Quark configurator (OSX only)
  • Fixed over 30 minor bugs

Switch 08, update 7

New configurators:

- Adobe InDesign Server CS3 and CS4 (for more information on Adobe InDesign Server, click here)
- basICColor gHOST (for more information on gHOST, click here)
- DMP FLO Suite (for more information on DMP, click here)
- ICS Submit Proof (for more information on ICS, click here)
- Qoppa jPDFImages (for more information on Qoppa jPDFImages, click here )
- Qoppa jPDFPrint (for more information on Qoppa jPDFPrint, click here )
- Qoppa jPDFSecure (for more information on Qoppa jPDFSecure, click here)
For more information on Qoppa, click here

Updated configurators:

- Adobe Indesign CS4
- Elpical Claro
- callas Toolbox 4.2 (supporting features 4.3)

Fixed issues:

- Included functionality to allow working with InDesign CS4.
- Adjusted the behavior of the 'Skip these folders' property in Submit
Hierarchy and FTP Receive tools in such a way that it no longer
processes jobs in folders that should be skipped (this problem
occurred only in very specific setups)
- Updated the Job Assembler so it also assembles larger amounts of files
in a job folder
- Fixed a problem with the generation of PostScript when using the
QuarkXPress configurator
- Improved processing speed for the Job Dismantler tool on Windows so it
is much closer to the speed used on Mac
- Included concurrent processing for the callas pdfToolBox configurators
- Updated the FTP Receive tool to work better with very busy or unstable
FTP servers

Switch 08, update 8

New features:

- Compatible with callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2
- Compatible with PitStop Server 09
- New icons for Adobe configurators

Exisiting configurators that changed name:

- "ICS submit proof" is now called "ICS RD submit"
- “Qoppa jPDFImages/jPDFPrint/jPDFSecure” are now called “Quoppa jPDFxxxx”


- Improved memory use