Switch 10 release notes

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​Switch 10, update 1

New Features Covered in this update

1. Enhanced Log Export
Key enhancements include creating separate log files, exporting only new messages and cleanup of exported logs.

2. Database Module
This module modernizes the communication between a database application and Switch. Scripting is no longer required, making it easier and faster for customers and integrators to build communication paths between Switch and an MIS or any database.

3. Inject XMP metadata
External job metadata can be added to a file as an XMP package, allowing a job to be processed by external processes like prepress workflows and not loose any important job metadata that may be required in the future. Next to adding new XMP packages to a job file, the tool is also able to update information.

4. Updated CS5 Configurators
The Adobe CS5 configurators for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop have been enhanced allowing for more automation and support for CS5.5.
Now all kind of file types can be send to InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop. The Illustrator configurator now also accepts job folders. Finally the InDesign configurator was improved so it allows exporting files to ePub.

5. Improved SwitchClient Pick List
The SwitchClient now sets the default setting of dropdown lists to “null” forcing the user to make a selection before submission of a job. This helps to avoid mistakes i.e. the wrong choice was selected by default because the customer made no selection before submitting.

6. The new SwitchClient on iPad
The all-new iPad SwitchClient is an exciting app that allows you to use SwitchClient on your iPad allowing you to submit, route and check files within your Switch Server environment. This App will be available in the Apple App Store soon.

Bugfixes in this update

Fixes for the following issues reported against Switch 10 are included in this version:

4596 - PitStop Server - Color management is used even though CMM is off
4692 - Unique prefix is not removed at the end folder.
5189 - Hierarchy tools invoke state "Not responding"
5421 - Error while processing file: -3, Wrong result statement: Process=Error:103:Invalid value "" in element <Version>. Expected values are: "1" "2"
5458 - Thumbnail Previews are not shown
5548 - Fields keep same size even when you change the size from the window
5642 - Elpical premedia server 8.0 - empty channel list
5847 - Jobs in view mode can be edited
5873 - Third level metadata is not saved in dataset
5893 - Adjusted Job Name is remembered in Client while it shouldn't
5928 - Problem when using Split PDF: "Could not find the Helper Application"
5974 - FTP receive not working with relative folders
5980 - Problems with Switch 10 on a German Windows 2008 R2
6039 - Switch designer takes to long to validate flows
6234 - Jobs submitted via a folder are not visible in a checkpoint in SwitchClient UI
6235 - Rename job: Search and replace goes wrong

Switch 10, update 2

Bugfixes in this update

Fixes for the following issues reported against Switch 10 are included in this version:

5778 - Installer overwrites a new versions of the configurator pack
5858 - Health Indicator in French should be "Indicateur de charge"
5942 - Mac aliases from mounted volumes become copied files
5977 - Missing buttons in Designer toolbar
6104 - Database connector configurator: added 'single line text with variable' for naming log files
6143 - Updated documentation for Photoshop and InDesign configurators
6166 - Several optimizations in the Switch Help
6196 - Data sources defined from Build SQL statement dialog are not storedin the Switch preferences window
6203 - PitStop Server configurator: adjust the error message when files are submitted as one joblist
6252 - Error appears when Database connect configurator is not licensed nor used
6288 - CS5.5 -Distiller PDF preset library is not loaded
6394 - Can't have more than one metadata drop down list with a required value
6297 - Can't download from FTP server any longer because of spaces in folder and file names
6382 - Metadate 'no-yes list' fields default value is not remembered
6335 - Submit and Checkpoint configurators: UI problem in pane "define metadata fields
6367 - Switch removes Mac labels from files
6337 - ftp password should be masked at all time
6329 - Mail receive configurator can't handle special characters
6320 - 'Sort job' configurator: job remains in input folder if xpath request is wrong.

  • Woodwing configurators related:

6274 - Woodwing: It’s not possible to read user saved WoodWing-Searches
6275 - Woodwing: Not able to upload assets to WoodWing if there are no editions in the enterprise server
6277 - Woodwing: It’s not possible to Download an asset and change the state of it in the WoodWing configurator
5608 - WoodWing - issue list neither filtered nor sorted
5612 - WoodWing - exporting metadata tool documentation is updated

  • Sort files in job configurator related:

6324 - 'sort as number' option doesn't work if 'Sort key' property is set to 'Segment'
6323 - Unstable sorting if specified digit group is absent
6322 - 'suppress digits' option replaces only 1st digit group
6321 - Files with equal keys aren't sorted alphabetically

  • SwitchClient specific:

5308 - After restarts it's dialog size is reset to default
5462 - Job Table View - One click should be enough to collapse a group
6184 - Value for Size in a custom filter changes when opened for edition
6222 - Metadata should be aligned at the left-hand side
6246 - Not possible to deselect a job in table view
6241 - Wrong warning message when selecting 1 job