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Michele Collins

Date and time
30 April 2020
4 pm CET / 10 am ET

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Are you taking full advantage of the Appstore?

The Enfocus Appstore will celebrate its 4th anniversary. Time flies!

Michele Collins will give examples of how to use apps to maximize your flow automation.

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About Michele Collins

Michele Collins (formerly Michele Fresh) has been in the printing industry since the age of 15, starting at her family color separator business. 

She spent over 10 years as a trainer for Heidelberg software. She then spent 4 years overhauling the prepress workflow at a large online printer, GotPrint.

When the 4 hour Los Angeles commute became unbearable, she sought out a “work from home” job and was lucky enough to land a Support position at Enfocus Software.

Oddly enough, after 6 years, working from home was not ideal anymore, which is how she ended up at Apago, an Enfocus Reseller, just a few miles from her new home in Georgia.