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Tyler Thompson

Date and time
7 May 2020
5 pm CET / 11 am EST

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Imposition AI: How adopting emerging technologies can impact your bottom line

Reliance on human decision-making for complex planning and imposition is becoming unsustainable. Tilia Labs is leveraging AI technology to drive a revolution in preproduction, helping print convertors estimate faster, plan smarter, and manufacture profitably.

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About Tyler Thompson

Tyler Thompson combines a deep knowledge of the printing and packaging industry with a Computer Science background where he focused in Web Application Development, a direction Tilia Labs is moving with its award-winning AI planning and nesting algorithms.

Thompson holds a M.Sc. degree in Computer Information Systems and has both taught and studied at Clemson University, where he earned his B.Sc. degree in Graphic Communications. Thompson’s extensive experience in developing tailored software solutions and services for a variety of printers and converters stems from his previous 7 year tenure with Esko where he held positions in Applications Engineering and Sales Account Management. He works for the Canadian company Tilia Labs as the Global Solutions Director.