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Rachel Keenan
Natacha De Kegel

Date and time
7 May 2020
3 pm CET / 9 am EST

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Progressive automation using Smart Preflight

In this session, Natacha and Rachel from the XChange will cover the unique ability to use Smart Preflight to drive PitStop Pro, then progress through using the same technology with job tickets in PitStop Server and finally demonstrate how powerful the solution can be when implemented within Switch using Switch variables.

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About Rachel Keenan

Rachel has worked on the front-end of the software industry for the past two decades. 

Her career started in software sales, relationship management and first-line support for a developer of desktop publishing software. She’s worked with international channel partners on go-to-market programs and product positioning to educate users on functionalities that can improve their business processes. 

She currently works as the Director of Business Development for DistributorX helping companies to achieve their workflow improvement and process automation goals.

About Natacha De Kegel

Natacha De Kegel is the Director of Application Support at DistributorX.

Her professional record includes over 15 years of experience as a product specialist, operational manager, and software consultant. 

Currently she is a part of DistributorX overseeing the workflow integration and support team. Her background is in workflow consultancy and over the years she has helped many businesses to implement automation solutions. Where quality control/preflighting is concerned, she builds PitStop Action Lists, Preflight Profiles and trains companies on how to use those going forward so they are empowered with in-house knowledge.