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Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk didn’t go for a communication solution with Enfocus, they went for new business opportunities.

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The history of Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk goes back as far as 1857. Throughout the years, they have managed to both maintain and expand their business despite the vast fluctuations in the marketplace. Their business potential revealed itself over the last 10 years, as they redirected their business strategy from being an offset print company into acting as a full service communications provider.

In order for this transition to run smoothly, they had to be able to manage a vast amount of digital data traffic, not to mention extract valuable information from within these data streams. The core of that success has been the Enfocus Solutions Pitstop, Pitstop Server, Switch and Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk’s latest investment, Connect Send.

A customer was the direct cause for the latest investment. As a workshop or course provider, he’d been looking for a more efficient way to distribute the course material ahead of the workshop day. In the past they outsourced the print work to a print shop, followed by numerous hours spent manually sorting the prints and putting them into binders.

They yearned for a digital solution that would save them money and that would provide the course attendees with a better experience and head start. Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk started out with a simple ftp-solution, but soon found out that not only did the customer found it complicated, but it also generated more work for them.


Enter Connect Send

“We’re Enfocus fans here and turned to our regular team for a solution. Connect SEND immediately did the trick. With Connect SEND, we could make a simple user interface and at the same time ensure that each course provider is responsible for filling out the correct information up front and that all the files are in the correct format”

Jimmy Hartington, IT manager and print specialist at Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk


With the solution created by Connect SEND, course providers must enter the course name and date, as well as register a list of attendees including their e-mail addresses. After the files are uploaded, they are converted into PDF and indexed using an Enfocus Switch workflow so they can be easily searched.

All documents get the course name and date and are personalised with the name of each attendee. Finally they are sent to the e-mail addresses on the list with Enfocus Switch.


“It’s the perfect solution. The attendees now have the material beforehand, they can write notes in the digital document during the course and the course provider is saving close to € 90,000 per year in print and handling costs. We couldn’t be happier”

Jimmy Hartington, IT manager and print specialist at Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk


Going the extra integration mile

The solution inspired Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk to find more customers with this specific need. Who does not want to save that kind of money and still provide a better service? And why stop there? Combining all the Enfocus solutions, allowed Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk to create a number of new small workflows, helping customers with simple processes that in the past had to be handled manually.


“It is very easy to set-up the Enfocus solutions in such a way that we’re guaranteed to get the right information when customers are uploading jobs”

Jimmy Hartington, IT manager and print specialist at Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk


In Connect SEND Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk defines a set of data the customers have to complete using the job ticket feature. That is usually sender, receiver, job name, delivery date and the kind of service they want (web optimizing images e.g.). This information enables Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk to easily activate its internal automated workflows controlled by Switch and Pitstop Server. The hassle-free integration of third party products makes it easy to add services as the need arises. At the end of the process, all contact persons are notified and the product is delivered.

Moreover, Connect SEND enabled Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk to expand their services simply by enabling a number of small routines to activate different internal workflows. Since the Switch solution goes beyond handling Enfocus’ own software, there are theoretically no limits.


“We have recently set up a workflow for a customer, which converts PDF catalogues into flip-PDFs (to make them magazine-like on the web)”, Jimmy Harrington explains. “By using Connect SEND, we were sure to get all the relevant information to process the files. At the end of the process via PitStop Server and Switch, our customer gets notified via an e-mail, which carries a link to the flip-PDF. The link is entered into their website and activates the flip-PDF on our server. In combination with Connect SEND, Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk can go after jobs, which would have been impossible to realise in the past.”

Jimmy Hartington, IT manager and print specialist at Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk


Easy peasy integration

The installation of Connect SEND is a no-brainer, according to the Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk team. Even though Jimmy is rather IT-savvy, he finds programming unintelligible. Nevertheless, the team single-handedly managed the installation, requiring nothing else but a few clarifying phone calls to the local dealer, primarily about setting up the Switch Proxy to secure data traffic. Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk was advised by Peter Leth Kjær of InProduction ApS. This Enfocus’ Danish Certified Expert provides local support and workflow consultancy services in the Danish market. In between ordering Connect SEND and the first customer file exchange, no more than 10 working days had passed.


“The installation procedure was very well described and intuitive so we did everything on our own.”

Jimmy Hartington, IT manager and print specialist at Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk


Community service

Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk has been an active member of the Enfocus community and is particularly enthusiastic about the Enfocus Online Forum to ask questions and soak in new ideas to further develop their service offering. Among those are improved validation fields and better viewing of long text strings.

Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk has been using Enfocus products for over a decade. The good relationship keeps on evolving as Jimmy Hartington sees more opportunities for  business development based on Enfocus’ products.


“With the recent purchase of Connect SEND we can do so much more than we dared to dream of. We are still exploring the opportunities this Switch-Connect connection has on offer, and we encounter more possibilities as we move along. Business-wise it certainly looks like we will have our hands full for a while.”

Jimmy Hartington, IT manager and print specialist at Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk


Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk was founded in 1857 and has a long history as a local book and offset printer. They are still locally anchored, but have evolved from being a print business to providing all kinds of communication solutions targeted to small and midsized businesses. They develop websites and apps, have their own digital print department and hold a partnership in an offset print house. Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk has 30 employees and annual revenue close to € 5,000,000.

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