Jeudi décembre 27, 2018

Switch generates PDFs in an easy and secure way

Rubriques : Testimonial

“Effortlessly creating PDF files”

German insurance group HUK-COBURG uses Switch to generate PDF files in a fast, reliable and secure way. “Virtually all our 9.000 employees use the tool and they love it!”, says Ingo Köhler, responsible for the PDF server in IT operations at HUK-COBURG. “They don’t need to think about the program, they simply select the PDF printer and a minute later, they receive the PDF via email.

Switch incorporates Certified PDFs

As a result, for HUK-COBURG, Switch is an elegant solution to generate PDF files. It’s a simple and straightforward process enabling the insurance company to work with “Certified PDFs”, a technology that is built into all Enfocus Products. In addition to checking, a log is kept in the PDF file providing information on who made which changes to the file, and when. With a certified PDF file, you also know whether or not the file has already been checked, and whether any errors have occurred.

Why HUK-COBURG chose Switch:

  • Safe, simple and straightforward PDF generation in printing and corporate communication
  • All PDF documents aimed at printing are saved as "Certified PDFs", crucial in the insurance business
  • Switch is the leading workflow automation system
  • The ideal link between DTP applications, FTP and email servers, MIS, order and job planning systems, web portals, databases and prepress solutions


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Switch Automation

Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum has been working at Enfocus for 9 years, in several roles (customer service, QA and software development) after obtaining his bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts.

Using his deep knowledge and passion for Switch and technology in general, Toon is in charge of strengthening the Switch product and architecture, ensuring it keeps up with the ever-changing market requirements.

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