Mercredi juin 03, 2020

Virtual Safari: End of action report

The recap

The Enfocus Virtual Safari 2020 has come to a close. We held three sessions each Thursday in April and May. Thank you to all of our presenters and thank you to all who attended. If you happened to miss out on one of the sessions, the recordings are available at: Enfocus Virtual Safari 2020 

The Virtual Safari was a webinar event for the print service community to come together through digital media and share knowledge regarding the latest trends and challenges of the industry. Attendees found a variety of educational and informative webinars specifically for the professional printing industry.

By the numbers

It was a successful edition, thanks to the fact that we shifted gears to get started early in the lockdown and host 3 sessions per week rather than filling a full week schedule. We experienced more competition towards the end of the program, but luckily, we saved the best for last.

Grand total for the 2020 edition

  • 24 sessions
  • 3647 session registrations
  • 1926 live attendees
  • 134 on-demand recording registrations – note: the recordings have been made available as an on-demand webinar, or through our eLearning platform.

Top 5 attended sessions

  1. Introducing BoardingPass - 600 registrations
  2. PitStop 2020 - 328 registrations
  3. How to win the price war in web-to-print, by Ludovic Martin - 228 registrations
  4. Virtual Prepress, All Systems Integration - 174 registrations
  5. Automated Imposition for book printers, Ultimate Technographics and Impressed - 202 registrations

Like EVERY previous edition, Andrew wins again. Congratulations, Andrew!

Piet’s top 3

As I’m probably the only one who was crazy enough to attend EVERY session live, I’d like to recommend the 3 sessions that I liked best. If you have some time, take a minute to check these out.

  1. What success looks like in web to print, Steve Enstad from PageDNA
  2. The role of print media in the modern marketing mix, Jos Steutelings from VIGC
  3. How AI expands the role of image optimization, Derek Milne from Elpical Software

Honorable mention: a very interesting Justin Bieber flow based on AWS AI, in Dwight Kelly’s Switch scripting session

Big thanks to all speakers, attendees, and everyone who helped to promote the Safari!

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