Dscoop Edge Fusion

Lundi, mai 17, 2021 - Jeudi, mai 20, 2021
Virtual Event

Registration is open for the Dscoop Edge Fusion virtual event.

At Edge Fusion, Dscoop’s hybrid global event set for May 17-20, join others in the print community who can’t wait to learn, grow and connect!

Unforgettable industry events are held at just the right time, in just the right place, with just the right people. With that in mind, Edge Fusion is going to be just the right event for you and your team.

The right time? Now. Has there ever been a more important time to learn and gain tools to help your business grow?

The right place? Wherever you are in the world. Dscoop will “follow the sun” with event hours to accommodate different global time zones.

The right people? Our community. You’ll be able to connect globally with your like-minded peers in a way that’s interactive and meaningful.