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PDF preflight and auto-correction


  • Check PDF files for a customizable list of quality checks that are specific to your process, your equipment, your customers.
  • Create interactive reports that point out specific issues and exactly where those issues occur in a PDF file.
  • Automatically correct errors and warnings during preflight to reduce the need for human intervention.


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Why preflight?

PitStop preflight eliminates surprises. PDF files need to be checked before they are printed. Validating them against inherent issues and your production specifications is vital to deliver quality print services. 

Errors in PDF files should be caught and corrected before they become costly in man-hours and reprints.




Interactive preflight reports

PitStop Pro will generate a preflight report based on benchmarks that you choose.

The interactive report can be as basic or detailed as you require to suit your customers.

A PitStop Pro preflight report contains a clickable list of warnings and errors that visually indicate exactly where and on which page of a PDF that the discrepancy is located.


Automatic fixes

The preflight process can also automatically fix errors:

  • Prevent slowdowns from manual corrections

  • Make repairs that don’t need approval

  • For example (embed fonts, covert color, set white text to knockout)


Certified PDF

A PitStop Pro certification is proof of PDF quality.

  • Streamline your workflow
  • Certified PDF can skip preflight
  • Certification is linked to your custom preflight profiles



PitStop Pro checks and fixes these errors 

Image resolution

For print output, the image resolution needs to be higher than for viewing a PDF on a screen.

Otherwise you will see jagged edges and artifacts in the image.

PitStop Pro detects low resolution images in PDF files and gives you a warning.

Deep black

How do you define a nice deep ("rich") black, one that won't cause trouble on a printing press? Every company has its own recipe for it.

But a black that carries too much ink can be a problem for some printing methods. A black that's too heavy can cause web breaks on a web press and marking or set-off.

PitStop Pro can reduce or standardize the Rich Black values to your own recipe.

Ink coverage

Excess ink coverage causes marking from one sheet to another and long drying times, and it increases the risk of spoilage.

Wet paper can lead to registration issues and can cause you to have to slow the performance of a press to ensure final printed quality.

PitStop Pro can automatically reduce ink coverage if it's too high.

RGB objects

Unintended RGB images in PDF files can cause unexpected results after processing.

The images can be of low quality, the final printed color can be incorrect and there may even be a color shift.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for RGB objects and automatically converts them to CMYK if you want it to.

Font issues

Numerous problems can occur with fonts:

  • When a font is not embedded, the output equipment will need to replace that font with another one that could look completely different.
  • Small text can become hard to read when printed, especially when it's printed in multiple colors.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for missing fonts and automatically embeds or outlines fonts if you want it to.

Missing bleed

If a file contains images or content that extend to the edge of the page, and it contains no or not enough bleed, white borders can appear after cutting the sheets.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for missing bleed and can also automatically add bleed if it is missing.

White elements

Ever seen a job where a white element looks great on the screen or paper proof, but suddenly disappears when on press?

White elements could be set to "overprint", which means that the white ink will be output on top of the inks below and basically disappear. 

PitStop Pro checks if white elements are set to overprint and can automatically set them to "knock-out" if wanted.


Although transparency is now a widely accepted functionality within the most design and page layout applications, many printing companies are still wary of PDF files containing transparency and like to give them specific attention to ensure they are processed and imaged correctly.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for transparency.


PitStop Pro can check much, much more

If you want to know all the Preflight possibilities in PitStop Pro, see a full list of all possible preflight checks in PitStop Pro.

(Very technical information, only for the brave.)




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