Jeudi, janvier 18, 2018

Episode One of the X-treme Switchover series is now LIVE!

This video series, produced in conjunction with INKISH.TV, introduces the Sign-Age team and takes you on the first part of their automation journey. Additional episodes will be released this year, covering key topics, such as implementation and ROI.

"We chose Sign-Age for this makeover with Switch because their needs are typical and representative of many print service providers."

Wim Fransen, Managing Director, Enfocus


Enfocus Managing Director, Wim Fransen comments: “We chose Sign-Age for this makeover with Switch because their needs are typical and representative of many print service providers. You’ll get the customer’s perspective of how automation can improve business processes, and have a valuable insight from our integration partner’s point of view. You’ll see how motivated the team is but also hear about the problems and hurdles that need to be overcome. It is a real education journey.”

What is the X-treme Switchover project?

As part of the program, Sign-Age has received licenses for select Enfocus solutions, including one year of maintenance, and XChange US is providing its professional consulting and integration services at no charge. In exchange for the software and integration services, Sign-Age has agreed to share their X-treme Switchover experience so that other print service providers can see the entire process and learn about the benefits of proper workflow automation.

Throughout 2018, we will bring you a packed calendar of articles, webinars, whitepapers and video interviews in order to share the entire X-treme Switchover project. This will provide an educational journey on all the topics surrounding the implementation of automation for a print service provider. We start next month with a Webinar on Needs Analysis, hosted by Toon Van Rossum, Switch Product Manager.

From the initial needs analysis to final deployment and ROI review, you can have a front row seat during this unique insight into a customer transformation.

Whether you have already automated a part of your workflow or want to know more about how automation can improve your day-to-day business operations, the X-treme Switchover is a must-see initiative for everyone in the print industry.

Webinar: workflow automation needs analysis

21 February 2018, 9AM EST

We will elaborate on the subject of needs analysis for a workflow automation project in a webinar, hosted by Enfocus Switch Product Manager Toon Van Rossum.

Special guest will be William Buckingham from XChange US, Switch integrator at Sign-Age. He will take us through every step of this phase.

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