Switch generates PDFs in an easy and secure way

HUK COBURG – German insurance group for private households
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"This really is a simple and easy-to-use solution for all our employees. You do not need any separate or locally installed PDF printer if you want to convert logs or other internal documents into a PDF."
Quote author: 
Ingo Köhler, IT Operations, HUK-COBURG

“Effortlessly creating PDF files”

German insurance group HUK-COBURG uses Switch to generate PDF files in a fast, reliable and secure way. “Virtually all our 9.000 employees use the tool and they love it!”, says Ingo Köhler, responsible for the PDF server in IT operations at HUK-COBURG. “They don’t need to think about the program, they simply select the PDF printer and a minute later, they receive the PDF via email.

Switch incorporates Certified PDFs

As a result, for HUK-COBURG, Switch is an elegant solution to generate PDF files. It’s a simple and straightforward process enabling the insurance company to work with “Certified PDFs”, a technology that is built into all Enfocus Products. In addition to checking, a log is kept in the PDF file providing information on who made which changes to the file, and when. With a certified PDF file, you also know whether or not the file has already been checked, and whether any errors have occurred.


Why HUK-COBURG chose Switch:

  • Safe, simple and straightforward PDF generation in printing and corporate communication
  • All PDF documents aimed at printing are saved as "Certified PDFs", crucial in the insurance business
  • Switch is the leading workflow automation system
  • The ideal link between DTP applications, FTP and email servers, MIS, order and job planning systems, web portals, databases and prepress solutions