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San Paolo – Publishing group behind the popular Famiglia Cristiana and other Italian publications
Repetitive tasks take up too much time and the risk of human error could lead to expensive re-workings.
A more efficient workflow that adheres to ISO 12647-2 standards
"We no longer have to worry about re-workings and re-makings due to problems with PDFs. Enfocus reduced human errors, and made the delivery process of files to the printers much more efficient."
Quote author: 
Enrique Dominguez – Director prepress management Milan

Remove human error from the equation 

Periodici San Paolo is one of the largest divisions of the publishing group San Paolo. Their primary publication Famiglia Cristiana is good for a print run of over 550.000 copies. This publication is gravure-produced. Errors during the production process are thus even more costly than for regular print runs.

The prepress department of Periodici San Paolo has its work cut out for them. Checking each document individually, however, is hardly efficient and prone to human error. With Switch many of the repetitive tasks associated with prepress can be automated while ensuring documents that adhere to strict ISO-standards.

After installing Enfocus Switch, PitStop Pro and PitStop Server, the company’s 100 operators can rely on an efficient workflow to deliver accurate jobs in prepress. In addition, with the functionalities of PitStop for iPad optimization, Periodici San Paolo meets the growing demand for using PDFs on tablet computers and e-reader applications.