A single process solution with leaner manufacturing, that’s Switch to us

William Arthur – wedding invitations and stationery products
Manual PDF handling slowing down the production process
80 % of the manual file handling steps our out of the workflow
"We started investigating, testing, and preparing samples and quickly became convinced that Switch was the right tool for what we needed. And it has done a great job for us. It has gotten us beyond our goal of getting 80 % of the manual steps out of our workflow , because we have reached a 100 % within the year, without entailing an exorbitant financial investment. And we’re continuing to go further with it."
Quote author: 
J. Saunders, Manager of Amending and Box Goods Manufacturing, William Arthur


A single process solution for print service providers

William Arthur, a subsidiary of Hallmark, has a reputation to defend when it comes to wedding invitations and stationery products. To sustain their position at the leading edge, they needed a solution that would accept and handle PDF files as fast as possible, with fewer people touching each job. In other words, an automation process that could deliver improvements and leaner manufacturing, without tossing away everything they built up over the years. Switch did the job exquisitely. After only 6 months William Arthur had reached Return on Investment.


What Switch does for William Arthur:


  • Provide an automation process that delivers improvements and leaner manufacturing
  • Saving time and money, reducing errors
  • Leaving more time for activities that create added value – such as customer service, creative tasks, new marketing and sales opportunities, …