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Action Lists: the first steps toward automation

Action Lists are like small procedural how-to's.

They are a list of tasks that PitStop will perform in a specified order. An Action List is then run simply by clicking the "run" button and a PDF file is processed. This removes the need for repetitive tasks to be performed manually.

For example:

  • select all text
  • convert text to black (K only)
  • set bleed box to 3mm larger than trim box on all sides
  • remove items outside of the bleed box
  • add file name to head of page, outside the bleed box

This Action List can be run with the click of one button, turning 15 minutes of prepress time into less than 1 minute.





Building Action Lists

PitStop Pro comes installed with many standard Action Lists which provide the power of micro-automation right out of the box.

Creating your own Action Lists can be as basic as copying one from those installed and making adjustments to suit your needs. They can also be as complex as you need to get jobs done more efficiently.

The Action List Editor is the interface used to edit and create your Action Lists. On the left is a searchable list of performable actions, sorted by category. In the center is the list of actions to be used, in order. Click on an Action and on the right you will see the properties for that action.




Some characteristics of the Action List tool are:

Valuable actions ready to use

There are many standard Action Lists installed with PitStop. According to data from users, these are the top used Action Lists:

  • remove printer marks
  • convert all text to outline
  • convert all RGB to CMYK
  • clean up content
  • scale page content 101%
  • scale page content 99%
  • set trim box size and add 3mm white space

More sample Action Lists


  • Convert all text to outlines
  • See dashboard: most used Action Lists


The Action List Visualizer: detect and fix your Actions Lists

The Action List Visualizer allows users to step through an Action List while seeing the results of each step as they occur. This gives valuable insight to Action List creators and troubleshooters.

An Action List may have 20 steps or more. Diagnosing exactly which step is producing unexpected results is much easier when users can watch the process happen one event at a time.

Clean up content

Clean up a PDF by only preserving objects that are actually visible.






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