Connect ALL

Introducing customer automation

Extend automation to your customer's desktop

Connect ALL is used by hundreds of print service providers, publishers and creative agencies to automate thousands of customers throughout the world. Often, their clients have several tasks they need to do to deliver their layout files for print, review or distribution. Those tasks include:

  • Create print ready PDF files.
  • Verify and fix common errors.
  • Upload job files.
  • Communicate specifications.

Workflow automation is often kept behind the walls of the print service provider to help speed file production. Customer automation extends automation to the customers desktop automating their tasks, creating consistency, reducing errors and speeding up the overall production process.

This is what Connect ALL is all about.


Key benefits

  • Save time & money correcting common file errors.
  • Reduce time spent supporting print buyers.
  • Speed jobs through production by receiving print-ready files the first time.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating technical hurdles.

 Connect ALL delivers real savings

How much time per-day do your operators spend correcting customer errors?



If Enfocus Connect ALL submits only 10 trouble-free jobs a day from your clients to you, you could potentially save $18,000/€16.000 a year in saved file-prep time and customer support. That means Connect ALL would pay for itself in four months or less. 

To see just how much you can save with Enfocus Connect ALL request a demo and we’ll review your return on investment.

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* Savings shown are based on averages. Your savings will vary based on your costs and time saved by a reduction in processes. Contact Enfocus to see your actual savings projections.

Powerful job ticketing - the heart of automation


Capturing customer and job information is essential to knowing what you’re getting and enabling downstream automation. Key to Connect ALL 13 is the all new HTML based job ticketing which opens the door to total customer automation.

Key functions:

  • Use any HTML forms builder to create your job tickets.
  • Link to databases for dynamic field generation.
  • Control layout and use graphics to improve your forms look and feel.
  • Use job ticket data to drive customer-side automation.

Remote control PDF quality


Designing is what designers love to do. Preparing files for production? Not so much!

Production settings and technical details to deliver jobs to you are often confusing. And when settings are wrong, it usually leads to more frustration and delays. Connect removes the confusion for proper PDF creation and job delivery by giving the control to the expert: you!

  • Your customers experience less pain
  • You benefit from consistency to the jobs you receive
  • Your production keeps flowing smoothly

Customer automation delivers!

Uploading files to web sites, navigating to FTP sites, user names and passwords — all potentially confusing for your users. Connect takes away all technical difficulties from your user, ensuring instant delivery from your customers desktop to your workflow.

But it’s more than just automated delivery. As a customer automation solution, Connect also:

  • Provides two delivery points for workflow control.
  • Allows file types to be restricted eliminating unwanted files.
  • Sends automatic notifications when jobs are delivered.
  • Uses Job Ticket variables to customize delivery on-the-fly.

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