How it works

Connect is an application that’s used to define and create new applications called Connectors. Connectors contain all the settings predefined in Connect, providing consistency for a variety of tasks.


The concept is simple:

  1. The Service Provider defines a Connector
  2. A Connector application is created
  3. The Connector is given to design clients for use

Once a designer has a Connector, they can be used in three easy ways:

  1. Drag & drop files or folders
  2. Print to a Connector
  3. Use a special plug-in for the Adobe Creative Cloud





How Connect makes your life easier



Enfocus Connect is an all new way for graphic arts service providers to help their customers and help themselves at the same time. As you know…

  • Preparing files for print can be a hassle
  • File delivery methods can be confusing
  • Consistency and quality of jobs save production time
  • It’s become the responsibility of the printer to “make it work”

Connect addresses the above by focusing on ease for the designers and control for the print service provider.




What can a Connector do?


Anything you want!

One of the main benefits of Connect is that each Connector can be 100% customized for the customer or task desired. Key tasks include:

  • Consistent PDF creation
  • PDF Preflight and auto-correction
  • Job Ticketing
  • File delivery to a variety of servers
  • Discover the tech specs

Looking closer at the main functions in Connect, you’ll see where control can be applied to almost every major function in a Connector. For example:

"Preflight results will confuse my clients."
If you don’t want customers to see Preflight results, you can hide them from the client and have them delivered to you. 

"I don’t want PDFs made by the Connector sent to my competitor."
If you don’t locally save PDFs made by Connectors printable for someone else, you can disable printing or apply an Action List to the locally saved file to down-res images or watermark the document.

Based on your clients’ technical capabilities, how basic or how easy you want to make the Connector, you can decide what’s the best experience for your clients.




Distributing Connectors to Clients



There are many ways in which Connect ALL customers can distribute Connectors to their clients. Common ways are:

  • Posting “general use” Connectors for download on their web site
  • Distributing through current servers used by clients to exchange files, such as an FTP site or Drop Box
  • Placing on a USB drive and having the client sales representative take it to the client


"But my customers won't use it!"



We’ve heard this before and of course, not every client will want to use a Connector.

However, thousands of designers are using Connectors today with our current customers. Plus, data shows that, if a printer receives as little as 25 jobs a day, and Connect improves only 30% of the incoming jobs, Connect will pay for itself in under 6 months. Your clients win, and so do you!

To see an example of how you can create a branded program for your Connectors and distribute them from your web site, click on the link below to visit our Demo Print web site.


Visit Demo Print



Keeping customers up-to-date


Of course, things always change and when they do, you may need to update your Connectors in the field with new settings.

With Connect ALL, there’s a built-in update function. Once set up, all you have to do is update your Connector project in Connect, then publish an update to your update server. After that, the next time the customer will launch a Connector, the latter will see the update, notify the user and update their settings automatically.