PitStop Font Fix

A free Acrobat plug-in that fixes missing fonts in PDF files

Don't let missing fonts in a PDF make you unhappy



Tracking down missing fonts or replacing corrupted fonts are two of the most common problems encountered when processing PDF files.

Enfocus and Monotype have joined forces to help solve those problems. With PitStop Font Fix, you can easily find and embed missing fonts via the Monotype Baseline Platform.

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How it works



PitStop Font Fix scans your PDF file for missing fonts. Nothing to fix? Great! In that case you don't need us.

If there are missing fonts in your file, PitStop Font Fix will provide you with a handy overview. If the missing fonts are installed on your system, the plug-in will add those fonts to your file. All set and ready to go!

If you don't have the font installed, you can choose to get it from the cloud via the Monotype Baseline Platform. Monotype Baseline is a fee-based cloud service which provides PitStop Font Fix with real-time access to tens of thousands of fonts.