Enfocus solutions for in-plant printers: orchestrate your print workflow throughout your entire organization!

Enfocus helps in-plant printers take control of their entire print workflow — from the submission of print ready PDFs, job ticketing, and file production for print.

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Enfocus solutions automate the tasks that cost you time and money

Consistent client submission

Have users submit print ready PDFs that you control, along with job tickets right to your print production.

Convert native files to PDF

Automatically convert MS Word, InDesign, Illustrator, and other native documents to PDFs.

Add bleed to PDF files

Don't lose time fixing one of the most common errors in print production.


Direct to your RIP or DFE

Sort jobs and submit them to the correct printing queues automatically.

Working with wat you have

Enfocus solutions are open so you can easily utilize systems you already own today. 

Grows with your organization! 

Enfocus solutions are scalable allowing you to start simple and grow your workflow with your organizations needs.



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How in-plant printers benefit from Enfocus solutions


Consistency from all

Deploy easy to use tools to get consistent PDF creation and job submission from all users throughout the organization.



Automate redundant tasks

Non-proprietary, vendor- and file format neutral automation that easily links disparate systems and manual processes. 

Fully configurable workflows with advanced reception and file processing tools.


Flexible and scalable

Automate it all or start small and expand your Enfocus workflow as your needs grows. 

Integrate with systems and applications you already own and use today.


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Seamless integration with renowned solutions in your industry







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Switch, open and scalable workflow automation

  • Receive jobs from a variety of sources. 

  • Sort and route job files by files type, metadata and conditions. 

  • Automate PDF creation and quality control from most popular applications. 

  • Add automation intelligence to your Switch automation by integrating with your MIS, Estimating or customer database. 

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PitStop Pro

  • Checks and fixes any incoming PDF file to make sure it outputs like intended
  • Lets you edit almost anything in a PDF file
  • Avoids costly reprints and keeps production moving

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PitStop Server

  • Deals with high-volume PDF quality control and auto-correction
  • Fits seamlessly into Switch
  • Frees up your staff for work you can actually bill your clients for

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Connect with your customers like never before! 

  • Remote control print ready PDF creation, PDF preflight and correction. 

  • Deploy job tickets for consistent communications. 

  • Pre-configure job delivery options to ease file submission. 

  • Reduce customer support by eliminating technical hurdles.   

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