Switch Metadata module

The Switch Metadata module enhances the use of metadata in Switch flows. In addition to Switch specific metadata, it gives access to other types of metadata originating from other applications or stored in other formats that are common in the graphic arts industry.

What is metadata?

Metadata is information about the file you are processing, such as its size, creation date, number of pages, paper type and author.

Metadata can also be available in two forms: it can be part of the file itself or it can be in a separate file, usually XML.



How it works

What can you do with metadata in Switch?

  • Use metadata in Switch just like any other variables to route jobs, to rename them and to make processing decisions.
  • Visualize metadata for jobs submitted in SwitchClient or processed with a Connector.
  • In combination with the Configurator Module, the Metadata Module brings all metadata within the reach of all third-party applications that integrate with Switch.

  • Use the Metadata tools (listed below) to export metadata and convert XML information, preflight logs and reports into other XML formats, HTML or human-readable information.

Metadata variables

Once you have picked up the desired metadata set using one of the Metadata tools, you can select the variable of your choice from the Metadata variables group anywhere within the Switch interface.

Metadata tools

The Metadata Module also adds additional flow elements that provide access to the following metadata functionality:

  • XML pickup and JDF pickup are used to extract the metadata you need from an external XML or JDF file (usually submitted together with the job).
  • XMP inject allows you to add or modify XMP metadata to a job.
  • Opaque pickup helps you associate an arbitrary file with a job as metadata.
  • Export metadata allows you to extract internal metadata and to save it to an external metadata file (XML, HTML or text).


Use metadata in your automation flows

The Metadata Module further increases the power of Switch to help you achieve an even higher level of automation. Request a free trial and see for yourself!

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This module has synergies with

  • Switch Configurator Module
  • Switch Database Module
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