Enfocus automation for newspapers

The essential production solution for newspapers running lean.

Provides the most cost-effective, versatile and scalable solution for prepress automation, consistency and consolidation of services from advertising to print and e-edition publishing.  

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How newspapers benefit from our solutions


Automate redundant tasks

Streamline production to enable staff to focus on problems requiring human expertise.

Deliver consistently high quality

Deliver consistently high quality and minimize waste by standardizing production around best practices.


Easily integrate third-party applications for:

  • Image enhancement
  • Color standardization
  • Ink optimization
  • E-edition production
  • and more for even greater production automation. 


Consolidate services

Consolidate creative and design services, and prepress production to eliminate redundancies, reduce licensing costs and improve production quality.


Profitably expand into commercial print opportunities to realize higher press utilization rates and improved ROI on existing hardware.




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Our solutions



PitStop Server, an essential tool in any prepress department

  • Preflights files and search for common and even some uncommon production errors
  • Reduces risk of human errors, high quality guaranteed every time
  • Frees up your staff for work that you can actually charge for

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Switch, the workflow automation solution

Examples of repetitive tasks that can be automated:

  • Downloading files from FTP servers or e-mail inboxes and routing them where they need to go.
  • Sending notification or confirmation e-mails to customers.
  • Sorting files by file type, metadata, and conditions.
  • Converting native layout documents to print-ready PDFs.
  • Integrating with third-party software for ad booking, ad tracking systems, page pairing, ink saving, image enhancement, imposition, color management, proofing, etc.

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Connect ALL, extends workflow automation to your customer's desktop

  • Gets display ads to print correctly, without manual intervention and editing.
  • Provides a one-step process for easy submission of ads or even entire commercial print jobs and receiving them into your organization right where you want them to.

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Intro to Enfocus solutions for Newspapers

Learn more on how to

  • automate file retrieval, routing and sorting
  • Ad and page pick-up
  • pre-flighting and file correction. 

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Helping Advertisers help you

A tutorial showing how Enfocus can help streamline the advertising submission process, benefiting both advertiser and newspapers alike.

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