Tech specs

Connector Features

  • Define and manage as many Connector projects as needed
  • Create and distribute unlimited number of Connectors
  • Create Connectors for MacOS and Windows
  • Customize the functions of each Connector
  • Brand Connectors with your icon and background image
  • Add your customer URL link to the Connector screen
  • Add your custom instructions to the Connector screen
  • Colorize text to match your custom background
  • Lock Connector projects to avoid accidental changes


Connector Functions – PDF Creation

  • Include InDesign file packages with PDFs for delivery
  • Enable a virtual printer for PDF creation from any application
  • Enable plug-in support for Creative Suite and Creative Cloud products
  • Virtual printer PDF creation through the built-in Adobe Normalizer
  • Predefine PDF settings using standard Adobe PDF Settings
  • Automatically rename PDFs with static text and variables
  • Use Job Ticket fields as variables in PDF file naming
  • Adjust bleeds, marks and more for Creative Suite/Cloud applications
  • Restrict printing for client-side saved PDFs created by Connectors
  • Apply Pitstop Action List to client-side saved PDFs created by Connectors


Connector Functions – PDF Preflight

  • Define a PitStop Pro Preflight Profile to verify that PDFs meet your standards
  • Define a PitStop Pro Action List to correct common PDF problems
  • Enable color management settings for PDFs
  • Enable Certified PDF “full save”
  • Restrict or allow PDFs that fail Preflight to be delivered
  • Select to deliver a Preflight report
  • Select from all preset or custom Pitstop Preflight report styles to be used by a Connector
  • Select to deliver an annotated Preflight report
  • Enable or disable Preflight review for Connector users
  • Add a Preflight results identifier to file names
  • Use Smart Preflight with electronic Job Tickets to customize Preflight settings

Connector Functions – Job Tickets

  • Use HTML based forms embedded in Connector, or dynamically linked from a web site
  • Use just about any HTML forms builder to create custom forms.
  • Support for multipage job tickets.
  • Link to a database for dynamic field population or generation. 
  • Define Basic Job Tickets in Connect with a variety of fields for text entry, dates, numbers, lists and more
  • Use Job Tickets defined in an Enfocus Switch submit point when delivering to Switch
  • Apply a custom CSS to Basic job tickets and job tickets hosted by Switch.
  • Deliver Job Tickets in XML, Metadata XML, TXT or CSV formats
  • Append Preflight results to delivered Job Tickets
  • Send Job Ticket only from Connectors
  • Use Job Ticket fields as variables for file naming and dynamic delivery points.


Connector Functions — Delivery

  • Use Job Ticket fields as variables for dynamic delivery points and notification delivery. 
  • Delivery of any file type and folders
  • Deliver to FTP, sFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Dropbox, local folders, email, or Enfocus Switch servers
  • Restrict any file type for processing and delivery by a Connector
  • Define up to two delivery points
  • Define what files (job files, Job Tickets or Preflight reports) get delivered to each delivery point
  • Predefine user name and password for no-hassle login
  • Compress jobs and job folders before delivery
  • Password protect job archives
  • Restrict the maximum file size allowed


Connector Functions — Remote Update

  • Define an FTP, SFTP or HTTP(S) server as your update server


Connector functions — End user side

  • Easily access and manage Connectors through the Connector menu extra/task bar icon
  • Modify email or proxy settings to accommodate some firewall-protected networks
  • Define/modify local folder paths for file delivery
  • Reset warning and messages
  • View processing log
  • Delete and manage installed Connectors