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pdfToolbox offers powerful, dynamic and easy to integrate PDF processing, from quick visual inspection and fixing to fully unattended processing of thousands of files. Using rock-solid Adobe technology pdfToolbox provides checking and fixing of even very complex problems, color management, impositioning, conversion to and from PDF and more. pdfToolbox technology is used by small companies, large publishers and print providers as well as OEMs that integrate the technology in their own solution. More information.

callas software just releases a major update for its pdfToolbox product line: pdfToolbox 13. The new version enhances the power of variables and integrates completely new technologies for the large format printing, label and packaging markets. In addition it has support for CxF color data in PDF and integrates usability improvements for zooming and wireframe viewing. Read more.


Handle all of your PDF needs in a single application

  • Support for all PDF standards, both from international standard organizations and from national user associations
  • Covers quality control, result reporting, PDF fixing and many other PDF manipulations (generating PDF from office files, conversion from and to PostScript and EPS, imposition and much more)
  • pdfToolbox Server runs on any recent Mac OS X or Windows platform

 Configure your automation exactly as you need it

  • Create an unlimited amount of jobs (watched folders)
  • Configure jobs from any machine on the network
  • Track server processing across the network using pdfToolbox Desktop
  • Handle problem files in pdfToolbox Desktop using checkpoints, seamlessly integrating error handling for problems files in an automated workflows with pdfToolbox Server
  • Run pdfToolbox Server on physical hardware or in many virtual environments
  • Provide instant load-balancing with pdfToolbox Dispatcher and Satellite
  • Works together with Enfocus Switch or Laidback FileTrain for further automation needs

Enjoy highest quality and reliability

  • Uses the same PDF preflight engine as Adobe Acrobat
  • Builds on the Adobe PDF Library for PDF file processing, transparency flattening, PostScript / EPS support and more


pdfToolbox Actions

Available for callas pdfToolbox Server: 4-13.

Use this configurator if you want to run any of the predefined, configurable Actions:

  • Booklet - Imposes to a booklet
  • N-Up - Imposes to an N-Up
  • Fill page - Places pages on a new page
  • Step & repeat - Imposes as Step and Repeat
  • Slice - Slices the PDF document into two new PDFs
  • Reader spreads - Prepares a PDF for double sided printing
  • Split in half - Splits double pages into single pages
  • Presentation - Prepares a PDF for being presented using Acrobat
  • Handout - Creates a handout of a presentation PDF with a defineable layout
  • Passe Partout - Places a PDF on a passe partout background
  • Light Table - Places PDFs on a virtual light table
  • Overlay - Overlays a PDF with a selectable PDF
  • Create EPS - Converts the PDF into single page EPS
  • Save as image - Creates single page images for all pages
  • Extract ICC-Profiles - Extracts all embedded ICC profiles of a PDF
  • Enumerate Layers - Creates layers with respect to names of fonts, spot colors or ICC profiles
  • Import as Layer - Imports a PDF file and puts the content on a layer
  • Split layers - Splits layers/layer views into single PDFs with just the content of the layers/layer views
  • Extract Metadata - Extracts XMP Metadata from the PDF into a XML file
  • Visualizer (PDF report) - Create a visualizer PDF report
  • Visualizer (image report) - Create a visualizer image report
  • Extract text - Extract text from PDF into a TXT file
  • Extract content - Extract content of PDF into a XML file
  • Convert Office documents to PDF - Converts supported Office documents to PDF
  • Convert PostScript to PDF - Converts PostScript files to PDF
  • Convert images to PDF - Converts supported images to PDF
  • Optimize PDF - Optimizes the internal structure of the PDF and saves for Fast Web View
  • Re-Distill- Recreates the PDF via PostScript, prepares for use with older equipment (RIPs)
  • Create PostScript - Converts the PDF into PostScript file
  • Remove Preflight Certificate - Remove Preflight Certificate
  • Tiling by number
  • Tiling by size

pdfToolbox Compare

Available for callas pdfToolbox Server: 4-13.

pdfToolbox ConvertColors

Available for callas pdfToolbox Server: 4-13

pdfToolbox Impose

Available for callas pdfToolbox Server: 4-13.

pdfToolbox Profiles

Available for callas pdfToolbox Server: 4-13.