GMG ColorServer

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Rely on the best-in-class conversion: GMG ColorServer 5.0 brings MX profile technology to your workflow – providing reproducible results in high-end quality. A high-performant client-server architecture and a dynamic hotfolder concept provide maximum productivity and processing safety.

Color expert GMG offers a wide range of color management tools of which GMG ColorServer 5.0 is the go-to solution to make image data instantly press-ready: RGB, CMYK and mixed image data are automatically converted into your desired output color space – be it industry or in-house standards. Spot colors can be accurately converted to process colors, enabling you to print spot color data cost-efficiently with CMYK. GMG ColorServer 5.0 comes with all current spot color libraries.

The optional SmartProfiler extends GMG ColorServer 5.0 with profiling functionality – in high-end quality and easy to use.

More productivity with GMG ColorServer 5.0

  • Process automatization with dynamic hotfolders
  • High throughput and fail-safe processing with client-server-architecture 

Reproducible quality the easy way with GMG ColorServer 5.0

  • High-end conversion with GMG MX profile technology and the Paper Adaptation Tool
  • Accurate dot color conversion, all current spot color libraries integrated
  • Adobe® PDF Library based PDF engine for best results converting transparent and overprinting elements


GMG ColorServer

Example flows

Color conversion with the GMG ColorServer

Integrate the MX profile technology easily into your workflows with ColorServer 5.