Print Perfect

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Producers of customer-focused documents use Paloma's Print Perfect solution to deliver their documents in a fraction of the time and cost it takes with manual document QA processes. Print Perfect automates the typical resource-consuming and error-prone manual QA process, thereby:

  • Increasing the productivity of any document creation team and reducing labor costs - IT SAVES MORE TIME AND MONEY than any manual QA process or standalone print comparison utility!
  • Providing the ability to more thoroughly test document applications and reduce errors in customer documents.
  • Automating the entire document QA process, allowing you to test more of your customer documents in less time than with any other QA process or tool.
  • Involving business users in the document testing and approval process without having to educate them on another software tool.
  • Minimizing the amount of custom coding or scripting needed in order to integrate a print comparison utility into a formal document QA process or architecture.
  • Shortening Customer Communication Management (CCM) software upgrades by minimizing the need for manual document QA testing. Imagine being able to test ALL the output generated by EVERY document application when an upgrade is performed! With the complete Print Perfect solution, the impossible has become possible.
  • Simplifying and speeding migration from one CCM solution to another, because Print Perfect is not dependent on the CCM software used to create documents. For example, "pre-migration" files can be created by one CCM solution, with "post-migration" files being created by a different CCM solution.
  • Reducing document time to market - document QA testing will no longer consume 60% of a document project's hours.
  • Lowering paper, toner, and print labor expenses by virtually eliminating the need to print volumes of paper for manual visual inspection.
  • Eliminating the need for multiple testing tools in companies which produce AFP, PDF, Xerox Metacode, Postscript, and PCL document formats - Print Perfect supports all these output types.
  • Providing an automated means for documenting the testing of all your document projects.