RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit

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The RTI Harlequin RIP Configurator allows Switch users to output PDF or TIFF files as either a composite file or individual separations.

With one RIP producing your output, you can ensure that everything remains consistent across multiple devices and output formats.

The RIP offers a wide variety of features and options including AM Screening with:

  • Over 30 dot shapes
  • FM Stochastic Screening
  • Variable Data Processing
  • Trapping
  • Color Management
  • Calibration Tools
  • and more!

Gain control of your separations and manage color with the RTI Harlequin RIP Configurator.

Contact us at sales@rti-rips.com or (800) 816-5755, outside US (941) 925-1303.

Example flows

Example Flows for RTI RIP-Kit

Two basic examples of many possibilities are shown. Flow for 1-bit TIFF output to CTP/CTS, and Flow for Epson Digital Proofing.