RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit version 11

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The RTI RIP-Kit Configurator brings Switch users the ability to drive more than 200 types of output devices directly from your workflow. The wide range of printers and imaging devices include: platesetters, imagesetters, inkjet printers, thermal imagesetters, DI Presses, digital presses, digital envelope printers, and much more. Our RIP offers many features such as variable data processing, trapping, color management, press calibration, and advanced screening options. Contact us at sales@rti-rips.com or (800) 816-5755, outside US (941) 925-1303.


RTI RIP-Kit Configurator for Switch

Example flows

Example Flows for RTI RIP-Kit

Two basic examples of many possibilities are shown. Flow for 1-bit TIFF output to CTP/CTS, and Flow for Epson Digital Proofing.