Scripting with the New Switch Scripter and Node.js

switch scripting graphic
Mardi, octobre 13, 2020 - Jeudi, novembre 19, 2020

Switch Scripting with Node.js Webinar Series

The power of Switch Scripting blows the doors wide open. If you can script it, Switch can do it. Whether you have the skills or you employ an integrator, scripting is the way to boundless automation.

  • Are you motivated to start learning javascript yourself but don’t know where to start?
  • Employees that show interest in learning Javascript but no idea how to create a learning track?

This session is all about understanding the different skill levels and concepts of javascript, including an overview of online resources that could inspire you.


  • Installation requirements
  • Scripting requirements
  • Differences with the legacy scripting
  • Script development steps
  • Using Node packages

Product manager Toon Van Rossum will share his scripting samples to help you get started with Switch scripting.


  • Debugging a script
  • Property validation
  • Using custom packages
  • Keeping your promises
  • Working with unpacked scripts
  • Working with TypeScript