PitStop Professional 5.x release notes

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This document describes the new features and most important bug-fixes in Enfocus PitStop Professional 5.x. This is not a complete summary of all bug-fixes/New features, but a list of the most important problems that were fixed in this release.

PitStop Professional 5.0

New Features

  • New PDF Profile format supports extensive preflight checks and includes corrections.
  • New PDF Profile Editor allows easier creation of the new PDF Profile.
  • Extended PDF Profile collection and templates.
  • PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 PDF Profiles allow checking for and creation of PDF/X documents.
  • Support for Adobe Acrobat 5.0 customizable toolbars.
  • Support for editing, creating and removing transparency.
  • New help menu items provide direct access to key features on the Enfocus web site.



  • Font embedding gave confusing error messages in the preflight report.
  • The PitStop navigator did not always report the correct problem.
  • Running an action list with a "Change Flatness" action behaved incorrectly with a very high flatness value.
  • Characters were changed when embedding fonts whose encoding is different than the encoding in the PDF document.
  • Converting calibrated RGB objects to Gray caused a crash with some specific PDF documents.
  • Improved Color conversion

PitStop Professional 5.01


  • Processing of documents with similar objects gave unexpected results.
  • Preflight check 'Black text does not overprint and Ignore text larger than xxx' gave unexpected results.
  • PDF documents saved with 'pdfSaveAsPDF1.3 V1.0.006' from Callas Software could not be preflighted when the check for PDF version number is on. 
  • Text used as Clipping Mask gave unexpected results.

PitStop Professional 5.02


This is not a complete summary of all bug-fixes, but a list of the most important problems that were fixed in this release.

  • Please consult this knowledge base article for a list of bug-fixes and improvements that are applicable to PitStop Professional, PitStop Server and Instant PDF.
  • Option 'Save As…' allows you to save a copy of the Certified PDF to another location.
  • "Color Remap" Action.
  • Copy / Replace
  • Interaction between Font Picker and Undo functionality.
  • User interface correction for pageboxes on global change panel.

PitStop Professional 5.03

New Features

  • Support for alternate images (to speed up screen redraw).
  • Overprint mode handling.
  • PDF Profile allows checking for completely embedded double byte font.


  • Improved handling of PDF Profile Database.
  • Removing OPI information in nested OPI images.
  • Patterns (tiling and shading) are moved with objects.
  • Improved spot color renaming.

PitStop Professional 5.04

  • user interface corrections.
  • remove OPI.
  • remove objects outside media box.
  • handling of metadata stream when using ascii/binary compression.
  • handling of PS XObjects.
  • instability issues with links to form objects with the PitStop error navigator.
  • view buttons on the Acrobat 5 toolbar under Mac OS.
  • view overprint setting in PitStop inspector.
  • duplicating, importing or exporting action lists could lead to unrecoverable application errors.
  • remove alternate images.
  • remove rendering intent was always executed.
  • page box layout fix.