Switch 12 update 2 release notes

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New features and functionality

Change of the installer

With Switch 12 update 2 the behavior of the installer is changed. When you start the installer to install the Switch Server 12 update 2 and one of the Switch services is still active, the installation will stop and a window appears: 


This window shows you a list of the active services and gives a short explanation on how to stop the services. You cannot go on with the installation, as long as a service is still active. After stopping Switch and all related services please press Retry to finish the installation. 

Save flow button

With the introduction of the Remote Designer in Switch 12, we noticed the need for an indication of whether or not flow changes are saved. This is necessary to avoid that unsaved changes are lost if a different Remote Designer connects to Switch Server.

From now on, as soon as you start changing a flow, the flow name is displayed in italics and followed by an asterisk. This indicates that the flow hasn’t been saved yet. 

To save the flow, you can use the new Save flow button in the toolbar, or the Save flow option in the Flow menu or context menu. 


Note that flows must be saved, before they can be activated. If this is not the case, or if the Designer is closed without having saved the changes, the following message appears:



As long as the flows are not saved, the changes are stored in the local cache on disk on the Designer side. 

Revert flow button

If the changes made to a flow are not correct, it is now possible to go back to the last version of the saved flow. Simply use the new Revert Flow button in the toolbar (or the Revert flow option in the Flow or context menu).



Colored connections and folders

From now on, you can change the colors of folders and connections in your Flow design. This improves the usability: you can easily distinguish between input and network folders, between different connections…


To change the color of connections and folders


  1. Select one or more connections or folders.
    note: You cannot combine connections and folders in one selection.
  2. Right-click to open the context menu.
  3. Click Choose color and select the appropriate color.
    You can choose a value from a predefined list of colors:
    1. Gray (default), Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta for connections
    2. Yellow (default), Orange, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta for folders

Alternatively, you can set the color via the Properties pane.

Hold connection

In previous versions of Switch, connections could be highlighted with two “conditional” colors (i.e. the color changes if a particular condition has been met):


  • Red - if the connection has an invalid property value
  • Dark green - if the connection is found using the search filter in the Flows Pane

From now on, an extra “conditional” color is used:


  • Orange (with dashed pattern as in previous versions) – 
    if the connection is set on hold



These “conditional colors” will take priority over the “custom” colors set via the Connector properties.

For example, even if you have chosen green for a particular connection, its color will change to orange when the connection is set on hold. When the connection is released, the chosen color (green) will be restored.

Possibility to add a description to each element

To be able to document your flow in a better way, you can now add a description to each element, connection and tool in Switch, in the Properties pane.

When you move your mouse over a flow element on the canvas, the description (if available) will be shown as a tooltip.


Changed behavior

If you are using the Remote Designer in “Read-only” mode, this will be indicated in the title bar of the application.


Add version number separator


“Add version number” has a new sub-property for Output folders, Archive hierarchy and FTP send. It now allows you to add a separator to version numbers of documents of which you would like to keep the duplicates. 

To add a separator to version numbers, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Properties pane, from the Duplicates list, select Add version number.
  2. Define the Separator property. This defines the separator (e.g. a hyphen or an underscore) to be added between file name and the version number. The default value is empty.


 Upgraded tools

Split PDF

If you are using Split PDF, you can now use variables and script expressions to define the number of pages per file.

New Configurators 

Microsoft Excel (Windows only)


Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows only)


Twixl Publisher

Twixl Publisher provides automated creation and distribution of rich content apps for iOS and Android-based tablets.

Enfocus Switch can be used to automate different parts of a Twixl Publisher workflow by involving and automating other applications. Publishers can now automatically check and optimize PDF’s before publish them in multi-issue apps. Further down the production workflow, Enfocus Switch can upload publications to the Twixl Distribution Platform, providing publishers an automated way to add new issues to their weekly or monthly magazines.

Upgraded configurators


EFI Fiery XF

  • Bug 27160 - “Show licensing status” and “License application” for Fiery XF
  • Bug 26929 – FIERY: Unfriendly error in log when Workflow library list is empt


  • Bug 6638 - WoodWing Download interrupted with large file size
  • Bug 30452 - WoodWing: Switch does not correctly handle 2 brands with a status with the same name (is already on Crossroads)


  • Bug - 7681 - Change the timeout of the command when using 'External Editor' as property editor
  • Bug 27640 - Unable to use arguments except %1 to execute a command

Quark Xpress Configurator

  • Now supports PDF creation

Word Configurator

  • Supports now Microsoft Word for Windows 2013
  • Added traffic light 

Bug fixes




Allow more than 9 digits when you use Job.byteCount


View of files in folder does not refresh


Word configurator sends files with missing fonts/images to problem folder instead of error out connection


Allow more than 6 digits when using Inline editor “Number”


Unable to use arguments except %1 to execute a command


Change the timeout of the command when using 'External Editor' as property editor


Dynamically set path to External Editor application


Switch64bitHelper could not start


Support for MS Word 2013


Certain metadata fields from Checkpoint are not in the xml


Job.Origin can’t handle Czech characters


A mail with a subject ending with ... gives problems.


Assemble job doesn’t handle ungrouped job folders correctly if different job folders have the same name


Finder info is lost when copying files into flow by drag-and-drop to Designer canvas


Service is closed by the watchdog when a crash happens in PitStop Server


Switchproxy crashes if there is a really big file in it’s cache.


Applescript problem using XMLLib.osax on specific 
Illustrator file


SwitchClient hanging when Switching Job filters with lots of jobs in the checkpoints


Better error handling when working with badly 
formatted XML


An unlicensed Remote Designer doesn't have the submit and checkpoint when connecting to a fully licensed Switch Server


Flows in remote and local designer are sometimes not synced ok


Remote Designer doesn't show job info in the jobs pane


The File.extension javascript function gives the wrong result on filesnames like Job1.doc.pdf


Switch is unable to handle escaped characters in Active Directory fields


SwitchClient doesn’t become active again after clicking the dock icon


SwitchProxy keeps submitting a big file over and over again


Crash in Scripter when opening script


Apple script executor cannot process a file and hangs


Automatic retry for unreachable folder


SwitchClient sometimes crashes with multiply connection to different servers