Rethink planning and imposition

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Sagen De Jonge

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Learn how to do planning and imposition smarter, faster, and easier for Offset, Digital and Large format with Tilia Phoenix.

With Phoenix it’s about more than just imposition and ganging, real shop cost parameters are entered into the system to generate print-ready layouts that are cost optimal.

We’ll show how to take things one step further by fully automating the process with Switch and the Phoenix Plan configurator.


About Sagen De Jonge

Sagen has a strong technical background with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Toronto. He gained considerable experience in the graphics arts industry as a member of the Fujifilm XMF workflow team while working at company headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Sagen is passionate about user experience and design.  In addition to business, sales, and marketing roles, Sagen designed the user interfaces of Phoenix and Griffin and implemented many of the core features driving both products. If Sagen isn’t wearing one of his many work hats, you might find him in the shop building a guitar. He comes from a renowned family of guitar makers and is himself a master luthier.