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John Callahan

Date and time
30 April 2020
5 pm CET / 11 am ET

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Virtual Prepress safari (volume 2)

Learn how to use Enfocus software solutions to integrate a fully automated production workflow solution (Virtual Prepress) from file delivery (File Bridge) to an integrated proofing and quoting solution (SignOff) and everything in between, using Enfocus Switch and PitStop Server as your automation foundation.

The Enfocus automation suite allows you to fully optimize, customize and take control of your processes. Switch integrates and connects to third-party applications in your existing environment, linking everything together into a seamless workflow, making the software you already own more powerful.

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About John Callahan

John Callahan is a partner and Workflow Automation Expert for All Systems Integration, an Enfocus Certified Partner that specializes in enhancing and automating production workflow solutions.