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Choosing Switch

Back in 2012, the team at was faced with the challenge of receiving a very diverse range of products. They needed to onboard files from several print service providers into one production facility. What they were looking for in an automation solution had to be able to integrate with a variety of third-party solutions and the system had to be able to grow with their business.

“It’s all about keeping the whole process flexible and Switch allows us to do that.”

Brian North, Senior Workflow Engineer,


Switch was the answer for because it is open, scriptable and dynamic. They wanted to integrate with solutions they were already using. From their home-grown MIS and web storefront to databases and spreadsheets to imposition software and press digital front ends, Switch reaches out to each island of technology. is no stranger to scripting and coding. This ability put them squarely in the driver’s seat to integrate their subsystems and get them talking to each other. They have had solid success wrangling together these and other solutions:

  • Quite Hot Imposing
  • Ultimate Technographics Impostrip (with high praise for the Impressed GmbH Switch App)
  • Microsoft application suite
  • MySQL and other database platforms
  • HP EPM Preflight Module – Switch App for automating EPM decision making


“We couldn’t have grown our business without a tool as powerful as Switch.”

Brian North, Senior Workflow Engineer, has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to their commitment to pushing technological limits. They aspire to create a workflow from front to back that allows them to deliver quality products, faster to their customers. Through successes with automation, they have created business opportunities for themselves. offers a bespoke service with a one-on-one approach. They are able to offer time-intensive services because their workflow has automated time-draining manual touches. is hands-on with their customer service and wherever possible hands-off with customer files.

“Our working relationship with Enfocus is good because they understand the dynamics of our company.”

Brian North, Senior Workflow Engineer,


Enfocus is grateful for being selected by to help them to build winning print services.


Connecting businesses with quality print for many years by working with renowned brands to build a print solution for businesses of all sizes. Drawing on a rich historical digital print heritage going back considerably further, the latest technology and support for customers every step of the way. When you put your print in our hands you'll always be in good company. We work with a huge variety of brands and businesses. From multi-national retailers to large scale companies, our expert team have experience in all industry sectors when it comes to print. No job is too big, no order too bespoke and we never compromise on quality.


About Piet De Pauw

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts, Piet started his career as a software support engineer at Esko. This immediately made him realize the vital importance of automation within an organisation.

Passionate about the web, he became an online marketer at Thomas More university college, gained a lot of digital marketing experience and re-joined Esko in the Enfocus business unit.

Today he's in charge of driving interest for the Enfocus automation solutions. As you're reading this after reading an entire article, he might think he succeeded...

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