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Two Click Proofing at ZeroPlus

ZeroPlus Printers, Pretoria, South Africa specializes in offset, digital and rigid wide format printing. Vernon van Dyk, Prepress Manager self-installed Enfocus Switch back in 2012 and with just a little help from the community, he had ZeroPlus automation up and running. Since then, ZeroPlus has experimented with proofing solutions but found themselves continuing to search for the right fit. They were not quite satisfied until Vernon implemented the PDF Review Module available for Enfocus Switch.




“The PDF Review Module is one of the best investments we made in a long time. I can see a major difference in time for getting the job on proof and the time a job is on proof is reduced drastically, and our clients love it too. This enables ZeroPlus to keep up with today’s demand.”

Vernon van Dyk, Prepress Manager, ZeroPlus


Making it easier

The automation ZeroPlus has in place with Switch and PitStop allows customers to submit files, they are automatically checked and fixed, a call is made to their database and a proof is ready for prepress in minutes. They give a quick check before Switch sends a proof email to the customer's inbox. This is what Vernon refers to as “Two Click” proofing. It’s literally two clicks for his team to receive the file and send the proof. From there, the customer simply clicks on a link to view the PDF in a web UI with tools for inspection and a button to send the approval back to ZeroPlus. Previously, ZeroPlus Prepress had to manually check the PDF, prepare the proof, post it to a third-party file share, then send out an email with links to the share and wait for an email reply.

Tracking trends

ZeroPlus is now creating and sending proofs to customers in minutes and getting them turned around to them in less than an hour. The process is much easier for their customers who no longer have to download, unzip, inspect and return an email. They review the file using their favorite web browser and can approve it with a single mouse click. The PDF Review Module is a simple proofing system from both sides of the transaction. It’s easy to implement in Switch and with some ingenuity on Vernon’s part, he is able to capture some proofing metrics as well. Since Switch is talking to his database, it keeps track of valuable statistics that were not captured with the old manual method:

  • Time proof sent
  • Time proof returned
  • Number of approvals
  • Number of rejections
  • and other data points are used to determine trends in-house and on the customer side of the ZeroPlus proofing cycle.

The PDF Review Module has made Vernon van Dyk, ZeroPlus and their customers very happy with an automated proofing process powered by Enfocus Switch. Vernon looks forward to continued successes and to the new features in the upcoming version of the PDF Review Module.

PDF Review Module Benefits

Quicker turnaround for proofs

  • No more manual email proof prep
  • No need for third party file transfer
  • Proofs to customers in minutes

More responsive attention from customers

  • Easier for customers since they can view ‘as it will print’ proofs in any web browser
  • Nothing to download, unzip
  • Inspect and approve from an email link to a web interface
  • One button approval

Capture proofing cycle metrics

  • Turnaround times
  • In-house workload
  • Customer patterns

See it for yourself!

Do you also want better proofing times and results? Get a demo of the PDF Review Module!

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About ZeroPlus

In 1998 ZeroPlus started as a small printing shop and developed into a dynamic printing company with the latest technology.

During our existence, the company has built a sound reputation for delivering exceptional quality and service to our clients and the trade. Innovation, technology, creativity and strong client-focused service make ZeroPlus one of Pretoria's leading print companies.

ZeroPlus is driven by a passionate entrepreneurial spirit that is brought to life by a team of committed people that enjoy what they do. The proactive and hands-on approach of management, coupled with a positive outlook and a belief in the future of printing, has helped form ZeroPlus into the respected force it is today.

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About Andrew Bailes-Collins

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Andrew Bailes-Collins is Senior Product Manager at Enfocus.

He graduated from what is now the London College of Communications and went on to serve an apprenticeship as a compositor. He has worked for a number of vendors in the printing and publishing sector, including Scangraphic, Apple and DuPont/Crosfield.

Andrew has been Prepress Manager for several high-quality printing companies in London, managing the change from conventional production techniques to digital. An early adopter of computer-to-plate and PDF workflow, Andrew then worked at OneVision Software for ten years. Initially based in the UK, before rising through the company to become Head of Product Management Europe at their head office near Munich in Germany.

Andrew joined Enfocus and moved to Belgium in 2011 and is the Senior Product Manager responsible for the PitStop family of products. He is also the Technical Officer for the Ghent Workgroup and Co-Chair of the GWG specifications sub-committee.

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