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Why print automation will no longer be a buzz word in 2019

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Everyone's thinking about it, everyone's speaking about it, yet so far few in the industry have managed to get it right. We’re talking, of course, about print automation. Over the last few years, even the most ambitious printing professionals found themselves facing what felt like a never-ending pursuit of increased efficiency on numerous levels. Automation, it seemed, was not much more than a buzz word or a privilege for the lucky few, i.e. companies with massive budgets. Well, no more!

The year of print automation is near

We predict 2019 will be the year of print automation as the technology is now more than advanced enough to help prepress operators overcome the common hurdles they’ve been struggling with for years.

1. PDF preflighting in just a few clicks

The more you check, the less errors you prevent. True story. Are you still preflighting jobs manually? There’s no need to continue doing so in 2019, thanks to PitStop Pro. The preflighting software relieves operators from manual checks, cropping, making grommet holes, … You name it! That’s right. Operators can now spend less time worrying about errors and more time focusing on the creative aspects of the printing game.

2. Feeding the large format beast

Large format will be big business in 2019 – even more so than now – and that means designers are (still) going above and beyond, tirelessly exploring new ways to stand out. In other words, brace yourself for some crazy shapes and very advanced impositioning to continue feeding the large format beast in the coming year. But fear not! The tilia Griffin Pro app has your back no matter which type of printing press or cutting table you use.

3. Web-to-printing the path to success

Web-to-print is transforming the way printers do business. Or, better said, it’s transforming the way printers could be doing business. Despite the endless opportunities web-to-print creates, poor system integration has been slowing down mass-market adoption considerably. And then there was Switch! Use it to easily transform your automation system into a web-to-print system, and you can rest assured everything gets embedded correctly from the get-go – without last-minute phone calls or lengthy email conversations with the customer to double-check or set things straight.

4. Effortless soft proofing

“Yay, another email from the customer!” Said no operator trying to get a proofed job sent to press ever. Don’t get us wrong: soft proofing will always be vital. But at least the burden of email proofing will be no more in 2019. If printers play their cards right, that is. Hint: Switch now offers a PDF Review Module that is browser-based – no software needed whatsoever – and guarantees 100% correct PDF viewing by clients.




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