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SupportI've upgraded to Mavericks and lost my PitStop Pro key. How can I fix this?

SupportOur output intent varies within Connect You/All compared to Instant pdf. How can I fix this?

SupportFor Switch, I cant get this command line application to work in the Execute command tool. How can I fix this?



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PitStop 12 update 3

PitStopWe are currently in Beta mode for PitStop 12 update 3. If you would like to get this Beta version, please contact Andrew.

PitStop Font Fix

fontfixSpread the word via Social Media about the free plug-in PitStop Font Fix and make your customers happy.


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Channel Meeting 2014

During our Channel Meeting 2014 event, we had an award ceremony & some winners. Congratulations:

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Raymond Duval
• CHILI Publish - Bram Verniest

Most active Crossroads Partner Award

Lab9 Grafics - Bert Vandermeulen
Best performing Benelux partner Award

Boxware João - Domingues
Best performing LATAM Distributor Award

Cor e Processo - Robson Xavier de Carvalho
Best Lead Management LATAM Reseller Award

Network Innovation AB - Kristoffer Hermansson
Biggest YoY Growth Award

• DistributorX Solutions - William Buckingham
Most inventive distributor Award

Impressed - Bernd Remus & Martin Werder
Outstanding performance Award

WIT - Muharrem Altintas & Murat Kara
High level efforts Award

The Power Xchange - Brittany Achor
Highest Reseller Growth North America Award


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Enfocus Channel

INJoin our Enfocus Channel Linkedin group and stay tuned about all things new.




Channel Training (in-house)

In the week of October 6th, we are holding a week of training for our partners in our offices in Ghent, Belgium. Participation is free of charge.


To register or in need of any practical help, mail Machteld. Don't forget to state on what days you will be participating.

If there are topics of interest that are not listed, feel free to inquire with Freddy.


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The Faces Behind Enfocus

KristofKemseke Kristof 
Director Software Engineering
joined Enfocus in 2003 as Software Engineer. Soon he was promoted to Team Manager where he was responsible for the PitStop Library and the PitStop Server team.

In 2008, he gained experience as Manager Software Tools & Technology.

After his role of Chief Software Architect, involved in strategic decisions on product development he became Director of Software Engineering in 2011.

Kristof holds a master Degree of Informatics from the University of Leuven and is facing some exciting times now that his oldest kid is entering university while living on his own…

Connect with Kristof on Linkedin


September 2014

1. Support Topics
2. PitStop 12 up 3 - Beta
3. PitStop Font Fix
4. Channel Meeting 2014

5. Enfocus Channel
6. Channel Training
7. Inside Enfocus


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