Lights out automation through MIS integration - just flip the Switch!

John Callahan, All Systems integration

Learn how to make your MIS system an integrated part of your automated workflow solution. From file delivery to final output and everything in between. Use Enfocus Switch as a foundation to build a workflow solution that integrates with your existing systems.

What you'll learn

  • "Reduce data entry
  • Connect file delivery to MIS and preflight
  • Estimate and plan more efficiently from PDF Preflights at your finger tips
  • Save time and money by identifying and reacting to problems moments after files are delivered
  • Improve internal and external communications

About John Callahan

John CallahanJohn Callahan is a partner and Workflow Automation Consultant for All Systems Integration, an Enfocus Certified Partner that specializes in enhancing and automating production workflow solutions. Over 25 years of print technology experience. He has a unique mix of hands on "in the trenches" print production experience combined with IT Management, solutions development and consulting. From the early days of the Mac, light tables and film image setters, through prepress workflow and CTP, to fully automated, integrated workflow systems.