Enfocus Virtual Safari

On demand books, variable data printing, web-to-print and on demand photo prints

Ray Duval, director of sales, Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Automation in prepress is key to meet today’s changing demand for shorter runs, varying output sizes, and multiple different orders. During this webinar you will learn how you can automate imposition using Impostrip. Learn how today’s leading print service providers are combining Impostrip with Enfocus Pitstop and Enfocus Switch for compelling results and increase in profitability.

What you'll learn

  • How leading PSPs are increasing their profitability with Impostrip.
  • How automated imposition is easy and can be used by everyone.
  • Automated imposition combined with Enfocus Pitstop and Enfocus Switch.
  • Real life use cases.
  • Increase margins for on demand books.
  • Web-to-print digital flat work.

Who can benefit from this session?

  • Print service providers
  • Anyone looking to reduce cost, increase productivity and automate all processes

About Ray Duval

Ray DuvalWith close to 10 years in the industry, Ray Duval has been proactively providing technical
sales training and helping resellers further develop their expertise in workflow for digital
printing, including more precisely, on demand book printing, photobooks and photo specialty products, fully automated digital print workflow, web2print and barcodes for finishing.