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PitStop Server

PDF Preflight and auto-correction. 24/7. 365 days a year.

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PitStop Server is a stand-alone hot folder based application that checks and fixes PDF files. Let PitStop Server automate your PDF Preflight and fixing so your operators can focus on billable tasks.

Key benefits

PitStop Server

  • Save time and money by automating PDF Preflight and correction.
  • Reduce risk of human errors, high quality guaranteed every time.
  • Free up your staff for work that you can actually charge for.

Top features

  • Stand-alone application
  • Allows you to create and edit Preflight Profiles and Action Lists (New!)
  • Supports all PDF versions up to 1.7 and international PDF standards
  • Supports XML / job ticket driven variable preflight
  • Processes unlimited number of files simultaneously
  • Various PDF and XML Preflight Reports depending on your needs
  • Customizable error messages to communicate with non-technical people (New!)
  • Full ICC color management and DeviceLink support
  • Preflight Profiles compatible with PitStop Pro

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PitStop Server ships with a command-line interface

Do you want to integrate PitStop technology into your solution or application? Every feature of PitStop Server is available through command-line.

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Need even more automation? Try PitStop2Switch!

PitStop Server fits seamlessly into Enfocus Switch to provide preflighting and auto-correction of PDF files in a bigger automated workflow:

  • Automatically download and check PDF attached to emails
  • Integrate with other applications for automatic proofing, impositioning, …
  • Learn more

Step 1: Define rules

First choose which aspects of a PDF file you want to check for errors. PitStop Server can detect and automatically corrects pretty much everything in a PDF. For example:

  • Missing fonts
  • Missing bleed
  • Image resolution
  • RGB or spot colors
  • Ink coverage

You can also determine what happens to the PDF file when an error is detected:

  • Automatically correct the error if possible.
  • Output a warning.
  • Trigger the Preflight check to fail and show an error message.

Step 2: Set a hot folder

Define which folder PitStop Server needs to watch. This can be a folder on a shared disk or server, so that everyone in the office is able to use PitStop Server.

If you want to automatically check PDFs attached to emails, PitStop2Switch might be the solution for you. 

Step 3: Drag and drop, check the report

Simply drag PDF files you want to check in to the hot folder. PitStop Server will check the file and correct the errors as defined.

PDF compatibility

  • Supports all PDF versions up to 1.7
  • Supports PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/x-4
  • Supports PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF/X-2u
  • Supports all Ghent Workgroup preflight specifications
  • Includes the Adobe transparency flattening engine


  • Processes unlimited number of files simultaneously, dependent on hardware
  • No limit on number of supported CPUs
  • 64-bit processing


  • Supports XML / job ticket driven variable preflight
  • Fully integrates with Enfocus Switch for advanced automation features
  • New Enfocus Switch configurator “PDF2Image” enables PitStop Server CLI to convert PDF files to composite or separated JPEG or PNG images

Color management

  • Full ICC color management and DeviceLink support
  • Includes fully licensed Pantone spot Color libraries
  • Supports black point compensation
  • Includes full color mapping capabilities
  • Color management can be applied on an object, page or document level

PDF Preflight

  • Restricted Preflight enables you to check only what’s important, ignoring non-printing elements such as:
    • Dielines
    • Technical information
    • Emboss / Deboss
    • Braille
    • Cut and crease lines
  • Restricted Preflight also allows you to Preflight different aspects of a PDF file in different ways. For example:
    • Job with full color cover and black and white content can be processed in one pass
    • Cover page can be ignored
    • Hybrid printing jobs that use 2 different printing processes can be checked for different specifications (Flexo/Litho)

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Automatic bleed generation

Our customers have reported that lack of bleed is still a major issue. We're pleased to announce that we've cracked that nut! PitStop Server 13 will automatically add bleed to PDF files!

  • It mirrors individual objects close to or cross the PDF box
    to create bleed.
  • These objects are completely editable for manual adjustments.
  • Bleed can be generated for multiple objects,
    or for complete pages and documents.

Preflight restrictions

This is the most significant change to PitStop Preflight since it was created 15 years ago. PitStop Pro 13 will allow the checks and fixes included in a Preflight Profile to be limited to certain aspects of a PDF.

For example: a PDF page box, a certain page or several pages, a particular area or specific elements of a PDF, even different layers within a PDF file can each be checked in different ways, depending upon user requirements.

The options for customizing Preflight are now virtually endless.

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Watch the movie

Customizable Preflight Messages

In PitStop Server 13, messages can be customized to reflect non-technical language that can include suggestions for corrections if necessary.

In addition, the preflight messages can be translated into languages that are currently not supported by PitStop.

Create and edit action lists directly in PitStop Server

PitStop Server 13 will no longer require PitStop Pro to create and edit Action lists. You can now do it directly in the PitStop Server interface.

Other enhancements

  • PitStop Server CLI now has the ability to convert PDF files to JPEG and PNG images.
  • This functionality is also available in Switch through a new configurator –PDF2Image– which is automatically installed with PitStop Server.
  • See full article: what's new in PitStop Server 13