PitStop Server Command-line interface

The PitStop Server Command-Line Interface or CLI is suitable for system integrators with or without developer experience who want to integrate PitStop technology or drive Preflight from their workflow or lead system by using XML files.

The PitStop Server CLI is loved and trusted by thousands of customers around the world, from the largest government department to the games industry.






  • Mature, award-winning technology
  • More liberty in setup compared to the PitStop Server UI version
  • Robust and extremely fast solution
  • Easy integration in pretty much everything*: from the simplest web-to-print system to a fully-fledged enterprise solution
  • Crystal clear documentation gets you started in no time
  • Ships with the default installation of PitStop Server, so there is still UI available for monitoring processing files and viewing server logs 

*Except for toasters. We've tried to make it work this one time and the fire department won't allow us to continue.





What does it do?

Everything PitStop Server does and more:

  • PDF2Image exports PDF files to JPG or PNG files
  • The CLI also extracts detailed info about Action Lists for use in your workflow system or MIS




Get started in no time

The PitStop Server CLI is very well-documented.

You're also free to try some example configurations, together with a free 30 day trial of PitStop Server:

How to get it

The CLI ships with PitStop Server, which runs on Mac and PC.

Buy PitStop Server ... Or try it for free


PitStop Library SDK

  • Do you want 100% control over PDF Preflight?
  • Are you comfortable with the C programming language?
  • Do you want a full integration of a PDF Preflight Library in your technology?

Then you want to take a look at the PitStop Library SDK.