PitStop Server

Command-line interface

The PitStop Server CLI is suitable for system integrators with or without developer experience who want to integrate PitStop technology or drive Preflight from their workflow by accessing the engine directly.

The PitStop Server CLI is trusted by thousands of customers around the world, from the largest government department to the games industry.

Access features such as PDF to Image, not available from the PitStop Server UI.









  • Proven, award-winning PitStop PDF technology
  • More flexible and dynamic than the PitStop Server UI version alone
  • Robust and extremely fast solution
  • Easy integration with web-to-print systems and enterprise solutions
  • Extract detailed info about Action Lists for use in your workflow system
  • Crystal clear documentation gets you started in no time
  • Ships with the default installation of PitStop Server, so the UI is available for monitoring processing and viewing logs 



Get started in no time

The PitStop Server CLI is very well-documented.

You'll find examples and a detailed explanation of how to call out PitStop Server processes and how to construct XML instruction sets.

Sample XML files are included in the PitStop Server installation, so there is nothing additional to download or install.


How to get it

The CLI ships with PitStop Server, which runs on Mac and PC.

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