Freitag, September 18, 2020

BoardingPass pre-release gets first update

Enfocus releases the first update to the free public pre-release of BoardingPass

Gent, Belgium [18 September 2020], Enfocus, the leader in PDF quality control, advanced PDF editing and workflow automation for the graphic arts industry announces the release of BoardingPass pre-release 2. Beginning in July, BoardingPass was offered as a public pre-release. BoardingPass gives customer facing print service staff the ability to quickly check a PDF file and provide timely feedback. The free public pre-release program will run until the release of the final product.

Since the launch of the free public pre-release, over 10,000 files have been checked. 61% of which contained low resolution images, 30% contained font issues and 9% were flagged for lack of bleed.

“We find it fantastic. BoardingPass addresses our need to identify job files with no-go conditions.”

Glenn Bryant, Operations Manager, Express Print & Mail


This first pre-release update build includes Apple Mail compatibility, and automatic browsing to font issues. A better bleed check and other improvements will soon follow with next updates.

Enfocus BoardingPass is a standalone application that allows sales and customer service agents in print to instantly validate PDF files. Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass points out errors that would require a file to be sent back to the customer for resubmission, and automatically drafts a reply. Without having to wait for prepress intervention, BoardingPass gives customer service agents the power to provide customers with understandable feedback.

Getting into the free public pre-release provides the benefit of trying BoardingPass for a few months at no cost, with no obligation. It also allows users to provide feedback which will make the product even better. The proof is in the pudding with this first round of improvements. All it takes to be a part of the open public pre-release is to fill in a form and download the installer. In minutes, users can start checking PDF file attachments with a simple drag and drop. BoardingPass: feedback in a minute.

Get the pre-release at:

Find out more about future BoardingPass features on the community forum.